[Interview] Lucette’s experience with Community Messaging

Anne-Laure de Belloy co-founded Lucette. A few weeks ago, she implemented Community Messaging on Lucette.com. In this interview, she will tell us how they have been doing so far and how they recruited the members of their online community. 

What is Lucette? 

Lucette is one of the first online platforms to offer free advice on cosmetic products and personalized beauty tips thanks to an algorithm. My brother and I launched the website in October 2014. Today, more than 100,000 women use Lucette on a daily basis.

What was your lever to acquire traffic and new users? 

Lucette’s launch had good media and blog coverage. Word of mouth was also a great facilitator. For now, our marketing strategy is focused on trafic acquisition but we are gradually staffing the team in order to evolve.

What is your vision of customer service?

Customization is a vital part of our DNA. We think that every user faces specific challenges. This is why we strive to ensure all the interactions we have with our users are personalized, including our emails. We really want the beauty tips and products we provide to be as relevant as possible to each user.

Why did you implement community chat on Lucette.com?

Mainly because several users suggested it! Moreover, we had tried a chat solution with professional agents. It was great but the staff weren’t available to answer that many chats in the evenings and during the weekends. Finally, some women seemed to find it easier to talk about their “beauty problems” via chat than face to face. Community Messaging seemed like the best way to meet these needs and involve users who were keen to share their experience.

How did you select your future ambassadors?

Because we really wanted the tips to come from experts, we chose to be quite selective. First of all, we put a questionnaire on our website in order to “test” users’ knowledge about beauty products and cosmetics. This was directly available from the users’ space. Then, we shared a Facebook post to invite others to join the “helpers’ team”. After they submitted the questionnaire, we gave candidates a quick call. We received more than 150 applications within the first three days!

What are your selection criteria?

We wanted to give women with really creative beauty tips a space where they could share and exchange with others. That is what our recruitment questionnaire is all about. We also take a close look at the level of spelling. During the phone call, the objective was to assess the candidates’ motivations and understanding of cosmetics and beauty tips to ensure that they would give appropriate and considerate answers. Furthermore, we make sure we don’t choose profiles that might be too biased towards one specific brand and who may favor it over another. It is a long process but we believed it was necessary to make sure we involved women who were really motived!

What are your first impressions?

Really good! After selecting our ambassadors, we send them a “welcome pack” to introduce them to Lucette’s identity and values. Within this, there is a guide to help them answer typical and more unusual questions. When I took a look at some of the chats that had taken place, I realized they had taken the time to read the guide. We sent a box of free beauty samples to the two best ambassadors to congratulate them for their chat performance during the first few days. Both achieved a customer satisfaction rate after chat of nearly 100%!

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