Conversation 19: everything you need to remember about the event dedicated to the conversational economy

For the third consecutive year, iAdvize organised Conversation, the event which gathers pioneering professionals from the conversational economy for a day of interviews, roundtables and inspiring speeches in Nantes. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the 24th of May 2019! You can watch all the conferences via the replay link on

Ken Hughes: What the FUCX? Why your customer experience is everything

Speaker, Author & CX Strategist / Consumer & Shopper Behaviouralist, Ken Hughes opened Conversation 2019 with flying colours. He explained why customer experience is a strategic priority for retailers and brands, as we did in a white paper you can download for free. With ingenious examples and witty anecdotes, he communicated the fact that customers have never been more demanding than they are today. By capturing all our attention, he demonstrated that offering a memorable, personalised and instantaneous experience is key to make sure your target audience has a story to share with peers.

Ken Hughes or the importance of providing a memorable customer experience

  • Customer centricity is no longer a strategy or tactic, it has become a philosophy to ensure we stay relevant to the ever-changing needs of our consumers.
  • Today’s consumer only wants to do business with authentic and genuine brands.
  • Companies are engaged in a race for relevance to deliver a simple, frictionless customer experience that meets the need for instant gratification, a new social norm.
  • Companies must offer memorable experiences that consumers will want to share with their peers.

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Chloë Gout, Product Manager at iAdvize, welcomed Elodie Benoist, Digital Strategist at on stage to talk about voice interfaces and the OUIBot assistant.

“When we talk about customer experience, we talk about personalisation and what’s more personal than a conversation?”
Elodie Benoist,

Bearing “what questions can my customers ask themselves?” in mind, designed a reservation and customer support chatbot available on its website, Messenger and WhatsApp. The bot handles about 10,000 conversations a day. It was developed using a natural language analysis framework and can now be used with Google Assistant and Alexa. During her talk, which you can watch in replay, Elodie Benoist explained that SNCF’s historical voice, Simone, and the OUIBot’s written messages share the same objectives: offering immediate answers, at any time of the day, to ultimately create a very personal relationship with the customers. Find all our tips and good practices on using chatbots in online customer experience in a free guide!

Voice search for always more conversations

  • started to take interest in voice assistants and first tested its own in 2015!
  • The French eCommerce pioneer partnered with JC Decaux to boost its communication visibility and website traffic: interactions with a bot, QR codes, payments with smartphones, etc.
  • Each month, the brand analyses more than 20,000 customer verbatims to continuously improve the performance of its OUIBot.

If you would like to develop a conversational strategy with chatbots, iAdvize and its Bot Builder can help you.

Building lasting connections and grow your business with messaging

In 2019, customers and brands exchanged 20 billion messages on Messenger! Riccardo Scotti di Uccio of Messenger for Business shared this data on the Conversation stage.

With Marc Verschueren from Happy Socks and Jendrick Höft from Spectrum, he discussed the importance of providing today’s consumers with personal and direct interactions to create trust relationships and develop customer loyalty.

How? Messaging is the instantaneous channel. Unlike the phone, it centralises all the information shared and allows human respondents to be associated with machines for a smooth and effective conversational experience. In a previous article, we revealed that offering personalised advice is crucial for fashion brands.

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“Before launching a chatbot, know why you are building it and make sure why you are optimising it for. Be customer-centric ”
Jendrick Höft, Spectrm

You can watch this roundtable in replay!

Conversation and Inclusion: how to improve inclusion when working on AI-based tools?

With Vincent Perrin (IBM), Amina Esselimani (SpeakUX) and Maaike Coppens (M.Creations), we took a deep dive into the world of conversational design. We discovered that inclusion is not an easy challenge to address. Thinking a conversation requires taking into account the background and context of as many users as possible. Adapting your speech is, therefore, essential and can help you boost your online sales.

“The user context is critical to building your customer experience. For example people booking a train in the evening are far more interested in their hour of arrival than their hour of departure.”
Amina Esselimani, SpeakUX

“Inclusion can be tricky because it’s about personalization but not about giving your chatbot a personality!”
Maaike Coppens, M.Creations

“You need to think about the people who will use your technology because dissatisfied users are your worst nightmare: detractors. ”
Vincent Perrin, IBM

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The conversational experience offered by The Kooples

With more than 65% of companies offering messaging support, messaging has become a must-have. However, to fully satisfy consumers, you must know how to offer the right conversational formula which is composed of authenticity, empathy, trust, creativity and emotional intelligence: everything that an enthusiastic peer can offer.

The conversational experience offered by The Kooples

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The Kooples, the openly non-conformist brand, has understood it from the very beginning! With a multilingual website which generates high traffic and strategic promotion periods, the fashion leader needed to be more available for its customers. Thus, when iAdvize launched ibbü, the community of independent experts available 24/7, The Kooples became one of its very first users. Today, website visitors can contact, via messaging, an independent fashion expert, during the day, in the evening, on weekends and on weekdays.

Conversation: The Human Power

We were delighted to welcome Nam Tran, Global Head of Client Experience at The Kooples and Loïc Davrinche, Digital Director at TUI, to the Conversation 2019 stage for a roundtable discussion entitled Conversation: The Human Power. With Emeline Darcoulet, ibbü expert, they explained their customer experience strategy and shared with us the benefits offered by a collaboration between brands and independent experts:

Leader brands bet on conversations

“We have many questions about travel reservations. Travellers need as much information and detail as possible when, for example, they are travelling with 2 adults and 3 children. They want to make sure they have high-quality service for high-priced trips. And messaging allows us to provide travellers with quick answers at any time. Experts can provide information on the activities available or the distance between a hotel and the beach. This way, we strengthen the trust customers place in our products and we allow them to go on vacation in complete tranquility.
Loïc Davrinche, TUI France
“Consumers tend to place more trust in independent experts because they don’t see them as sales representatives trying to sell at all costs but rather as purchasing advisors.”
Nam Tran, The Kooples
“As a buyer, I like the proximity I can have with brands in their stores. As an ibbü expert, I offer my personal experience and advice on natural and organic wellness products on the Onatera website.”
Emeline Darcoulet, ibbü expert

The future of marketing in a moving society

Fabrice Epelboin, teacher at Sciences-Po Paris, then shared a conversation with Simon Robic, Product Marketing Manager at iAdvize, about our ever-changing society and the effect on conversation. If Facebook paved the way for more freedom of expression for all citizens, Fabrice Epelboin drew our attention on the use of our personal data (iAdvize wrote a guide about the major changes introduced by GDPR since May 25, 2018) and the use of social media for political purposes during the Donald Trump and Barack Obama campaigns or during citizen movements such as the Arab spring, the umbrella revolution in Hong Kong and, more recently, the yellow vests.

While only 8% of French people say they trust our politicians and unions and 7% trust the media, the teacher at Sciences-Po Paris prepared us for a massive disruption.

“We now need to use technology in a different way! Just like Airbnb reinvented the travel industry using technology, the advertising industry is about to drastically change!”
Fabrice Epelboin, Sciences-Po Paris

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When messaging enables positive social actions

For the last conference of the day, which you can discover in replay, Nicolas Lemmonier, president of the RunEcoTeam association and Jérémie Ballarin, co-founder of Wanted Facebook, came on the Conversation 2019 stage. They explained how messaging supported their action by giving it more visibility!

“Facebook gave us visibility! Now, RunEcoTeam sponsors events in association with schools. These events allow pupils to run and collect garbage left on their path. Our goal is to spread this initiative worldwide!”
Nicolas Lemmonier, RunEcoTeam

“Technology represents a real asset for our concept! It allows us to convey a message and create collaborative spaces where we can share conversations about our values without being polluted by advertising. Wanted Facebook is a platform aimed at offering mutual support among peers at the local scale. You can ask for help as well as help group members, whether you are looking for an apartment or trying to find a job.”
Jérémie Ballarin, Wanted Facebook

After doubling the number of attendees in 2019, we hope to see always more of you for the 2020 edition which will take place on May 28th at Station F, Paris:

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