Live my Life as a Customer Angel

Guillaume, Tiphaine, Romain, Kévin, Emilie, Nicolas, Holy, Charlotte and Maugin (Guillaume II) are our Customer Angels and they are pretty special. The combination of their technical expertise, human qualities and well-rounded ticketing system make this team an olympian squad. Their mission is to answer technical questions from users of the iAdvize solution for their experience to be… divine ;-) The Customer Angels are at the heart of our business, really close to the product, closely linked to the R&D team but, first and foremost, they are constantly attentive to our customers and partners’ issues. Let’s discover their realm. 

“Live my life”?

Inaugurated in 2015, these discovery days allow employees from other teams to gain insight into the job of a Customer Angel. Each month, two persons get the chance to spend a day with this cosmic team. For me to better relate their genius, I have asked Tiphaine, the archangel, to take me under her wing.

“The day of a Customer Angel always starts with ‘la bise’!” says Tiphaine while her co-workers arrive. She presents me how the day will go: first a breakfast with the team, daily scrum with the R&D team, a presentation of the team and their tasks, a presentation of the ticketing tool, a quick test to get started and, in the afternoon, I’ll start to handle real customer tickets with Emilie, a savvy angel.

Like the following photo collage shows, each “Live my Life” episode has its own more or less goofy picture…

Talking with angels

A successful ‘Live my Life” day continues with a breakfast with the team. Surrounded by croissants and chouquettes, the angels tell me about the genesis of the team, its structuration and the progressive arrivals.

Kévin and Guillaume explain the important nuance between the work of Customer Angels (sometimes called the support team) and customer care. “Customer care is everything related to the use and deployment of the tool while Customer Angels intervene when customers are facing technical problems” says Kevin.

For Guillaume, technical project manager, who is between the two expertises, “it’s the intervention time and the period of action that make the difference. At the support team, we are on one-shot situations, we intervene quickly, on a limited period of time. That is what our ticketing tool enables us to do. It starts with the initiation to customer queries via the ticket and when this ticket is closed, everything is solved, there shouldn’t be any follow-up. Customer care goes beyond the resolution of a one-off problem.”

Kévin says in response, “the support team is also a bridge between customers and the R&D team. The support passes bugs and once they are solved, we inform the customer. Thanks to our contact with customers and the volume of queries, we have an important pre-qualification and centralization role to then transmit the information to the R&D and prioritize bugs. We act as spokesmen for the customer to the R&D and vice versa!”

Tiphaine explains their choice to call this team the Customer Angels. “We chose this name because we aspire to be true guardian angels for our customers. We are software editors and unfortunately, sometimes, bugs happen. But if we adopt the right approach, if we go beyond the simple support system, we can truly make a difference for the customer.

What, who, how? 

The “Live my Life” continues with Tiphaine’s presentation. She introduces the team, the global mission, the role of each person, their interlocutors, results and tools.

The key activities of the team are:

  • assisting customers in their use & configuration of the solution
  • performing technical analysis and solving “small bugs
  • escalating and prioritizing bugs for the R&D
  • bringing a technical expertise for the other iAdvize geniuses

And there is the angelical team!


The basic profession of the team is to “support“. But other skills were added such as the “product knowledge” embodied by the e-learning platform called the “iAdvize Garden”. Pieces of content are added to the platform thanks to Holy and Charlotte who build personalized onboarding modules for our customers. Their aim is for the solution to be more handy as soon as customers start using it, a task that is strongly related to the tasks of the Customer Angels.

Tiphaine presents me the team’s work tools. Their main tool is a ticketing tool which allow them to quickly and efficiently handle customer queries. Queries are automatically attributed to the right person thanks to a pre-qualification questionnaire. Their main commitment is to answer queries in less than 3 hours, solve them in less than 30, when they do not include bugs.

And what about the results? “We have a 97% satisfaction rate with our customers and we are really proud of it. When Account Managers they go to meet customers in their offices, this is usually their first feedback, “We love our support, they are great!” That’s what motivates us on a daily basis.”

Here are some feedback from happy customers :-)

We have a great technical support, I’ve rarely seen such an efficient support. My last ticket was handled in less than 20 minutes.

We don’t acknowledge the excellence of a business according to its way of handling satisfaction but according to its way of handling problems. Your way of doing things is exceptional, I thank you for the professionalism you demonstrate while understanding, identifying and finding the problem and explaining it.

Pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness and speed of our support team.

I’m now at the doors of paradise but before crossing its threshold, I must answer correctly 3 questions… A series of exercises to test my product knowledge and my potential to become an angel.


I access the realm and I am received by Emilie, savvy and polyglot angel, to handle real tickets with her, from the ticketing tool. Emilie can do this in German, French, English and Spanish. Together, we answer new incoming queries. Each ticket its investigation! Some cases are rapidly solved but others require mental gymnastics. Beyond their exceptional knowledge of the solution, the Customer Angels are experts in the art of putting themselves in the shoes of customers, tackle each problem from different points of view, think about the detail which explains the problem and, sometimes, be able to simply see things when everything seems complicated.

Rapidity, communication and composure are the watchwords in this team. They are undoubtedly a key component in the functioning of our activity, Swiss knives at the crossroads between customers and the R&D team. May they continue to watch over us for a long time!

Thanks to all the team for this exchange!


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