[Infographic] Live chat, a strategic engagement channel between brands and online shoppers

There are now so many possibilities for brands and their customers to communicate with each other: face-to-face conversations, phone calls, emails, messaging apps, social networks, live chat solutions on the brand’s website, etc. But shoppers prefer some channels more than others.

Live chat, a popular engagement channel for online shoppers

Chat solutions have been particularly popular over the past years, being preferred over phone calls or emails by online shoppers as according to a Nielsen study65% of the Millennials and Gen Xers would rather use live chat instead of phone or email. Why have brands been implementing live chat solutions on their websites? Why do customers prefer to use this engagement channel rather than others? What do they expect from live chat?

Still some enhancements needed to offer a seamless customer experience 

In fact, live chat has become so popular that now brands are struggling to provide their customers with the experience they dream of! How can brands match their customers’ expectations regarding live conversations on their website? How can the live chat experience become seamless and perfectly useful for both brands and their customers?
Discover some answers to these questions in the following infographic unveiling a survey conducted among 2,000 consumers during the first semester of 2018.

You can download this infographic right here.


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