How Le Petit Vapoteur increase ROI thanks to Click to Community

Le Petit Vapoteur was founded in 2010 by Tanguy Gréard and Olivier Dréan and has become, in less than 5 years, the leading online provider in France of electronic cigarettes.

31,366 fans on Facebook and 22,500 reviews within the last 12 months of which 97 % were positive… „The community of „e-smokers“ is very present on forums and social networks. Le Petit Vapoteur wants to provide the members of this community with their own channel, which is why they decided to deploy this community chat solution. “The community really feels involved“ explains Benjamin Rose, Community Manager at Le Petit Vapoteur. 

The Community Messaging solution was deployed alongside the traditional live chat channel, via which online visitors can get help from the customer service team. Le Petit Vapoteur opted for a closed approach to community chat which means that members of the community have their own account and log in to the solution in order to chat with other users. The community chat button is only displayed when a community member is logged in and available.

Today, 55% of the 81 community members have advised at least one visitor who then went on to complete their purchase.

avatar-pvPierre Henri, Community member at Le Petit Vapoteur It’s a great experience. I help other e-cigarette users whilst also acquiring extra knowledge myself! The tips that Le Petit Vapoteur team gave me really helped and now I can give something back.

Le Petit Vapoteur Case Study Community

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