New KPIs for your social touch points!

Gone are the days when your social networks (Twitter, Facebook) and messaging apps (text messages, WhatsApp, Messenger) were brought together under the term “Social” in your reports on the iAdvize platform! Each touch point now has its own performance indicator! Here are some explanations!

An accurate monitoring of your activity on social networks and messaging apps 

The iAdvize platform now allows you to monitor your activity, the production and presence of your agents through 4 different reports: Contacts – Activity / Contacts – Responsiveness / Presence – Overview / Presence – Status.
Here are the indicators you can now monitor for each touch point available on iAdvize:
  • The number of contacts closed on a given period
  • The total number of messages received by your agents for each contact
  • The total number of messages sent by your agents for each contact
  • The number of contacts initiated by the visitor without response from the agent
  • The average number of contacts handled by an agent for an hour of production
  • The average number of contacts handled by all the agents for an hour of production
  • The average handling time of all the contacts
  • The period during which your agents were logged in (the time slot covered by a minimum of one agent available).
  • The total duration during which agents were logged in to the discussion panel.
  • The maximum number of agents logged in to the platform simultaneously on a given period.
  • The occupancy time and rate
Note: the occupancy rate on social touch points equals to the opening of a minimum of one chatbox by one of your agents. 
Reminder: a contact is closed manually or automatically after 7 days of inactivity (without any response from your part or from your interlocutor). That’s why the data of your reports can fluctuate over 7 days. 
For example: on November 7, 8 contacts did not receive any new interactions the next day on iAdvize. I have ended 4 of these contacts on this day and within the next 7 days, I will see 8 contacts for November 7. 

The added value of each touch point analyzed through iAdvize

As each touch point has its own statistics, you can now analyze your performance, optimize the production of your agents, challenge them according to the results obtained and monitor the cost per contact for each one of the touch points you use on our platform.

You clearly see what each touch point has to offer you through the iAdvize platform and you can adapt your strategy according to the results you achieve with them.

Your iAdvize KPIs available via APIs 

If you want to use the iAdvize statistics for your own dashboards, you can retrieve this data through the platform’s APIs or you can export it. This way, you can use this data via specific developments according to your needs.
You can also connect the iAdvize data with third-party analytics tools, display this data on dashboards that are not part of the platform or export custom data.
Here are 2 examples:
  • You can connect the iAdvize data to your own business data for a deeper analysis of your performance. 
  • You can display the iAdvize indicators on a dashboard you can project in your offices for a clearer and more transparent view of your performance.

What are your next steps with iAdvize? 

Soon, you’ll have access to the conversation journal gathering all the conversations your agents have had on social touch points (text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter). This feature will allow you, through similar interactions and behaviors, to get good practices for each social touch point you can use through the iAdvize platform.
Our goal at iAdvize is to show you the added value of each channel you may use. Because we are constantly trying to improve and enhance your experience, we want to help you discover which channels are the most efficient for your online strategy and help you use them at best to get the most return on investment.
That’s why we aspire to offer you all the reports available on iAdvize for each and every distinct channel and adapt these reports according to the specificities of each channel.
To get further information on the iAdvize reports, feel free to contact your Success Manager.
Valentin Mendeze

Product Manager of the Core Product swarm in the R&D department at iAdvize.

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