Conversational Marketing Breakfast

What is Conversational Marketing?

“The smartest and most efficient way to engage your customers” according to Marie Sagarzazu, in a recent interview with Internet Retailing’s Editor in Chief, Ian Jindal.

Marie (UK Country Manager – iAdvize) continues to explain that brands need to evangelise in order to stand out from the crowd by providing a unique customer experience. Hyper connected consumers are now consulting blogs, forums and seeking advice from friends and influencers during the consideration stage in the buyer journey. Therefore emotion, authenticity and peer to peer conversations are becoming increasingly important for online visitors. Brands now have a unique opportunity to own the conversation and expertise and increase CLTV by connecting online visitors to independent experts 24/7.

iAdvize and Internet Retailing Interview:

Conversation is the New Marketing

Brands are still heavily investing in online advertising but customer acquisition costs are drastically increasing with the average click rate at just 0.06%, with online visitors actively installing ad blockers – which rose to 30% in 2017.

There are two main reasons for such a drop off. Firstly, there’s a huge disparity in the personalised, human touch experience that can be offered in-store, which is simply lacking when shopping online. Secondly, there is a misplaced assumption that the customer’s online purchasing journey is finished once you get them to your website. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, given the ubiquity of choice online available to consumers, they don’t take the decision to buy something lightly, meaning brands have to assist them as much as possible in coming to this decision.

Forrester is calling this trend “The End of Advertising, The Beginning of Relationships”.

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Let’s discuss Conversational Marketing in London

iAdvize will host a Conversational Marketing Breakfast on June 19th in London to gather leading brands and pioneers to educate and discuss how to deploy a real time, authentic experience online using innovative technology but most importantly providing the right respondent for online visitors.

Join some of the Top 250 retailers in the United-Kingdom, Tuesday 19th June 8.30am – 12.30pm and find out who is best placed to answer your online visitors, what part real-time messaging has to play and discover the value leading brands are already seeing from deploying this strategy.

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