[Interview] Sarah’s experience as an online shopper

In your opinion, what are the advantages of buying online? How do you combine online and offline shopping?

For me, the big advantage of buying online is simply convenience! It’s so easy to buy from a mobile device, mostly from my laptop at home. I buy online about 4-5 times a month (more if you count kindle books!) I generally buy groceries and clothing offline but most other shopping online.

What do you expect from customer service in general? And from online customer service? How long do you expect to wait before you get an answer to your question?

I expect good communication from customer service and especially online. I would expect to get an answer to a question within 24 hours.

What was your best experience of online customer service and why?

Nothing particularly stands out but I do like regular updates as to where my order is and how it is progressing. This is really reassuring when you buy online.

What was your worst experience of online customer service and why?

We bought a product which, when it arrived, was faulty. It took a lot of searching to be able to find the contact details to get the problem resolved and it then took an extremely long time to get a response. This was very frustrating and a big waste of time for us.

To what extent does the quality of customer service impact your decision to buy?

Highly – but often you do not know what it will be like until after you have placed an order…

What kind of thing would put you off when buying online?

The kind of thing that would put me off would be poorly worded information and a lack of detail in information. 

Which online communication channels do you prefer/ use most often? Email, phone, chat, social networks….

Social media is the online communication channel I use the most.

What do you think about live chat? Do you enjoy using it? When did you last use it?

I do enjoy using live chat. Although I have used it less and less over the last few years, I used it the other night!

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