[Interview] Ella’s experience as an online shopper

What do you buy online?

The kind of things I buy online are beauty products and creams because you can get them so much cheaper online than offline. I also tend to buy online what I can’t find in the shops near where I live. However, there are some things I would never buy online straight away, like swimwear. But I might go into a shop, identify the product I want and then go home and buy it from the website. Most of my online purchases come from the same 4 online shops. Especially ASOS, with Click & Collect, I can pick up any items I buy on their website just down the road. Plus, their returns policy is excellent.

What was the last thing you bought online?

The last things I bought was at Feel Unique: a fake tan, moisturiser and a face mask for my holiday in Cyprus!

What do you expect from online customer service?

I expect any problem I have to be sorted out as quickly as possible. Online, I want to be assured that if anything goes wrong, I can speak to someone straight away and they can sort it out asap. I also want to be able to find that support easily without having to search the website for ages. Finally, I don’t want to have to pay to get my problem sorted, it should be free!

What was your best/ worst experience of online customer service and why?

My best online experience was definitely with Amazon. Recently, I bought something by mistake. I went on the website and was offered a free callback. This was great, I just put my number in, they rang me back straight away and sorted the issue out. My worst was with a small online clothes shop, they kept getting the size wrong! But a part from that, I’ve never really had any problems buying online…

What kind of thing can put you off when buying online?

I find it off-putting when there’s too much going on, when there are so many different buttons and adverts, you just don’t know where to look! It’s really helpful when there are simple steps, when you know at what stage you are (contact details, payment, etc). It’s also irritating when the customer service contact number is difficult to find. Finally, I prefer it when you can save your card details and you don’t have to enter the information every time you buy on that website.

Which online communication channels do you prefer/ use most often? 

I still use the phone most of all…I feel like it’s by speaking to someone that I can really explain the problem I’m facing. Thats why I also really appreciate Click to Call.

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