iAdvize integrates Instagram into its conversational commerce platform

In April, iAdvize unveiled its new positioning as a conversational commerce platform. On this occasion, Julien Hervouët, CEO of iAdvize, explained how it enabled our customers to face a major customer service challenge: UBIQUITY. To address this challenge, we have now also integrated Instagram into our platform.

Online shoppers expect support from by brands everywhere, at any time and in real-time. Our Community Messaging feature launched in 2015 addressed the first part of the ubiquity challenge. Customers can now have conversations with a brands’ customer service team and also get advice from their peers and brand advocates any time in their purchasing process.

How did it help brands to be omnipresent? Last year, iAdvize announced the acquisition of Bringr, a social publishing and monitoring tool, and integration of our platform with Facebook and Twitter. We were the first company in Europe to integrate Facebook Messenger into our platform, and we deployed it in April with the leading online  French travel company, Voyages-sncf.com. 

These three channels are already covering an enormous amount of conversations. Still, there are a few other platforms yet to be integrated into our conversational commerce platform to help our customers completely be ubiquitous. That’s why we are now announcing the integration of Instagram in the iAdvize platform.

Why are we integrating Instagram into our platform?

Instagram has become an essential network for social media users. 500 million people use the app on a monthly basis and publish more than 100 million pictures a day. Users dedicate 21 minutes to Instagram every day. By comparison, Twitter has 380 million monthly active users, who commit less than 6 minutes of their time to the app every day.

Brands have noticed this increasing interest for Instagram. According to eMarketer, 17% of brands have already integrated the social network in their customer service strategy, 49% of them will do it in two years, and 6% of them will do it in five years. In other words, 72% of brands will include Instagram in their customer service operations in the next five years.

Instagram integration: a simple guide

Instagram is easy to use within the iAdvize platform: it requires you to log into your Instagram account and grant iAdvize access to your account.

Then, in the iAdvize platform, you indicate the content of interest to you. For example, you can just be interested in pictures mentioning your brand, or you can also collect posts that mention other subjects relevant to your brand: an event, location, trends, etc.

This content is then available alongside your Facebook, Twitter, Messenger or chat conversations in the iAdvize interface. Your agents can address them by commenting on pictures without switching tools. This way, they can be more efficient. Comments are directly published on Instagram, and the authors of the posts get a notification for each comment posted via iAdvize.

How to get started

To start using Instagram with the iAdvize platform, you can request a demo of our product and one of our experts will get in touch with you. 

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Simon is Product Marketing Manager at iAdvize

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