Insights, technical skills and professional attitude: 3 questions about the on-demand experts

More and more brands are now using independent, paid experts to assist online shoppers during peak times (evenings and weekends.) Even though it allows them to engage contact opportunities they would have missed during business hours, some brands are still hesitating to take the leap and have questions and doubts. 

Training, processes, tools or brand knowledge: when a business entrusts its pre-sales customer service to independent advisors, the first obstacles it can encounter are related to the technical feasibility of the collaboration. We have selected and answered the 3 most common questions businesses have when considering using independent advisors based on our service – ibbü.

1. Do experts have enough knowledge to answer the questions asked by online visitors? 

ibbü experts intervene on a pre-sales engagement perimeter. 75% of the requests they receive are questions about the products sold, their characteristics, their compatibilities, etc. 25% of the requests they get are related to business practices such as delivery charges, delivery times or guarantee conditions. Of course, the ibbü experts’ full added-value lies in the advice they give to online visitors.

However, even if there are less questions related to business practices, these shouldn’t be neglected. These questions often happen in the decisive phase of the purchasing process and require strong reassurance. This is why ibbü experts are trained on the practices of the website on which they advise online visitors. Besides, businesses can use a dedicated Livefeed or their own tool to share special offers or updates to their process with the experts.

“How do we communicate with the experts? Each morning, I have a look at the Livefeed on the platform to see if they have questions. We keep them up to date as much as possible about our current offers, discounts or technical elements in order to unify our speech” Hélène Godineau, Customer Service, IKKS E-SHOP

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2. Do experts have the professional attitude to meet the consumers’ expectations in terms of customer service? 

To join the ibbü community, experts go through a rigorous selection process which measures their expertise and motivation. This process relies on a sectorial quiz which is specific to each brand. Thanks to this three-step test form, we do not only evaluate the experts’ knowledge but we also evaluate their level of speech, spelling, interpersonal skills, customer focus or their sales pitch.

  • Step 1: allows us to gather all the basic information we need and rule out the experts who do not meet the qualifying conditions: being of legal age and living in the United-Kingdom. It also helps us collect the experts’ availability times: within the week, on Saturdays, Sundays, during the day or in the evening.
  • Step 2: it gathers all the questions related to the expertise. It combines questions about pure knowledge and questions about the experts’ understanding of a website’s products and offers. This step is comprised of multiple choice questions.
  • Step 3: during this step, we test the experts’ spelling and customer focus. It includes open-ended questions which allow us to evaluate the level of speech, the interpersonal skills or the sales pitch.

“At the beginning of the ibbü project, I’ve had a meeting with iAdvize’s project manager who asked me what would be the ideal profile of an expert for me: a woman, who likes healthcare products and cosmetics, ideally working in the business, but someone who also likes the web and who has a great writing style. I completely relied on the team and I received a short-list of profiles. We started with one expert, then added two more. Today, we are on cruising speed.” Julien Charpentier, Web Manager, Rivadouce

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3. Do experts have the technical skills to handle conversations via messaging? 

Once selected by the brand, experts receive an online training provided by iAdvize via an e-learning platform. This training is mandatory for experts to be able to chat on our platform. It is comprised of two modules:

The first module trains experts in customer service skills via chat and gives them the basic rules to be fast and efficient. It also helps them to adopt the best possible attitude in case they find themselves in a difficult situation.

The second module trains experts on the brand’s pre-sales business practices. It’s completely personalised. 75% of questions experts receive are about products, a subject in which they’ve already proven their expertise. The rest is about the brand’s conditions for return policies, transportation cost, etc. This module enables experts to also master these questions.

Each stage of the training ends with a test which experts have to pass in order to complete their training and start chatting. Throughout their ibbü journey, at any time experts can visit the iAdvize knowledge base from the discussion panel and ask for the iAdvize support for specific questions.

“For both professional customer service agents and ibbü experts, we estimate that users need an average 10 hours to handle the iAdvize platform and handle 2 conversations simultaneously. For ibbü experts, it can take even less time as they don’t have to handle other tools such as a CRM, a knowledge base, etc.” Thomas, training manager at iAdvize

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