Our conversation experience is evolving: discover iAdvize Messenger

Welcome to the age of Messaging

iAdvize will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary. In almost a decade of adventures, we have seen technology draw us ever closer to one another and encourage us to interact with each other.

Even social networks have begun to convert themselves into messaging applications – the most telling example being Facebook. During the 2019 edition of our Conversation event last May, Ricardo Scotti di Uscio, Platforms Marketing Lead, EMEA at Facebook, stated: “Messaging has changed the way our customers communicate with each other, but also their expectations towards brands“.

Helping brands to provide their customers with the best communication experience possible is precisely our teams’ daily mission. That’s why, today, we are pleased and proud to introduce the new iAdvize Messenger!

Our Messenger marks a new milestone in our growth story. Popularized by messaging apps, this term refers to the entire conversational experience we provide your online customers and prospects with, including several technological developments.

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iAdvize Messenger, for a unique conversation

One major change that led us to rethink our Messenger was the arrival of new respondents: chatbots. Over the past five years, we have witnessed the multiplication of automated conversations. Yet, chatbots are still far from what science fiction projects: none of them have acquired the capacity for forthright repartee nor Scarlett Johansson’s voice in Spike Jonze’s Her movie.

However, their availability and reactivity have allowed them to take a prominent place in the online journey, even if it means sacrificing the quality of the Internet user experience. Interacting with a bot often means taking a different, more isolated journey and using a separate conversation interface. In the end, the data collected by bots are often unusable when conversations are forwarded to a human agent due to a lack of compatibility between the solutions. For a long time, chatbots have been associated with very low satisfaction rates as they offered a one-way conversational experience that was ergonomically poor.

Now, thanks to iAdvize Messenger, you can provide your customers with a consistent and unified experience: depending on their journey, context and questions, you can offer them the opportunity to interact from the same conversation thread with an iAdvize chatbot, a professional human agent, an ibbü expert, enthusiastic about your brand, or even a chatbot developed by one of our partners according to your needs.

These interactions appear seamlessly to your visitors as one single conversation. Your teams can transparently see all the information related to past interactions shared with visitors.

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iAdvize Messenger, for an enriched experience

Our conversation experience has long focused on attractively presenting your products and services, thanks to our features that allow you to highlight your products and promotions or even your webpages.

But what characterizes the age of messaging is also the emergence of a new culture and new uses. Over the years, our conversations have become richer and more recreational. Emojis are now essential for us to nuance or animate our words, gifs comment on our news, and we always want to share our files more easily.

Interactions between a brand and its customers must be adapted to these new practices – that’s why iAdvize Messenger allows you to do all of this meaning talking to your brand as naturally as you would with a friend. Because the more natural conversation will be, the better experience your customers will associate with your brand… and the better your performance will be!

iAdvize Messenger, for a tailor-made design

By working on the design and UX of your website and mobile apps, you ensure that you recreate a distinct and differentiating online brand environment, in which your customers can easily find their bearings – a guarantee of loyalty and business efficiency. The conversational experience you provide your customers with must complement the experience offered by your brand’s universe while perfectly fitting your environment.

That’s precisely what iAdvize Messenger offers: perfect customization of our conversation interface thanks to a configuration tool that allows you to choose everything yourself, from the colors to the position up to the fonts. This way, no details are left to chance. You can serenely apprehend future changes in your website’s design.

iAdvize Messenger, at all times

The age of messaging can also be characterized by a more fragmented and divided relationship to time. A glance at our daily work, a rapid check on our favorite messaging apps, we do not necessarily expect our friends and family to immediately send us an answer. And for a good reason: if they are busy, we know that we will quickly be informed when they reply within a few seconds, minutes, or hours.

Thanks to iAdvize Messenger, your brand can also share this new relationship to time: if they remain precious for your visitors as it guarantees your reactivity and interest in their query, real-time conversations are no longer the only way to engage online shoppers. Quite the contrary, as now, they can engage in conversation when your teams are unavailable: they can ask their questions without delay or be guided by chatbots.

To be notified of a reply, all your visitors have to do is leave their email address. Regardless of the device on which they receive the email notification, they can easily find their entire conversation history on your website.

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iAdvize Messenger, everywhere, easily

As you will have understood, the most representative word for the experience we provide you with iAdvize Messenger is ease. An easy experience for your customers, who now control the tempo and can choose which device they want to use to lead their conversation, but also, and always, ease of use for your teams!

With this new Messenger, we remain true to iAdvize’s commitment to offering you a solution that is very easy to deploy. If you are already an iAdvize customer and want to deploy our new Messenger to provide your customers with the best possible online conversational experience, you can continue to use the same simple javascript tag you are used to using. If you haven’t yet adopted iAdvize, know that this is how you will be able to deploy it: easily, and with complete agility!

And if you want to complete the experience on your mobile apps, we also provide you with a thorough SDK that allows you to natively integrate our conversational experience with your iOS and Android apps within hours.

iAdvize Messenger, and so much more

iAdvize Messenger marks a major new stage in the conversational experience we help you offer to your customers, prospects, visitors, and app users. And this conversational experience is only part of the iAdvize offer. It’s not our only asset to support your online conversational strategies.

Our solution also includes the methods by which we can help you analyze your challenges to target and engage visitors with the most added value for your brand. We will also help you monitor more than 150 indicators and analyze your conversation insights while optimizing your performance.

Your conversational experience can always be enhanced if it is led by passion. For this reason, from now on, our ibbü community of on-demand experts can now use the new iAdvize Messenger to interact with your customers. This way, even more customers will benefit from their expert advice!

iAdvize Messenger is now available for all our customers. Log in to the solution or contact your favorite iAdvize contact to activate it.

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