[Infographic] Who are the ibbü experts?

Since its launch, ibbü has been very popular with the general public. Over 6,000 experts have now joined the ibbü community. Some of them are already working with brands and advising customers on the ibbü platform. We wanted to get to know them better and understand why they want to be part of the ibbü community. Meet your on-demand pool of experts!

Download the infographic: Who are the ibbü experts?

Where does their expertise come from?

We received a variety of answers to this question from the ibbü experts. Some of them acquired their expertise from their job or other circumstances. For example, a DIY expert renovated his house and learnt everything down to the last detail. Others talk about a passion that has always been there, which they nurtured during weekends or a first purchase that triggered the need to learn more. Travel enthusiasts also mention the ‘opportunity to travel’.

To maintain their knowledge base, 68,8% of the ibbü experts constantly keep updated on product news. 1 in 4 experts reads specialised magazines or benefits from a professional context. Others have their own blog or are part of groups of enthusiasts.

What motivates them?

The motivation of the ibbü experts is twofold: professionalism and performance. But personal fulfillment comes first: altruism is mentioned by 31% of experts and asserting their expertise is important to 25% of them. In general, experts like to combine efficiency with their sense of service: 7% like to answer quickly, 12,5% to seal deals and 18,8% to earn money.

Read more: To learn more about the key figures of our study, download the infographic called “Who are the ibbü experts?”


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