[Infographic] How can you distribute the right conversation to the best contact?

Conversational commerce is currently expanding! Conversations have become a central aspect of the online customer experience. That’s why your brand now needs to be available for its customers everywhere at any time. But in order not to lose any valuable contact opportunities, you need to be able to classify your contacts in priority order and respond to your customers and prospects according to their context and needs. Targeting and routing engines intervene precisely at that moment in conversational commerce. 

Distribute your contacts to the best interlocutor a more personal experience

Conversational commerce solves a key challenge for your brand ensuring you don’t lose out on high value contact opportunities through the use of targeting and routing engines.
iAdvize’s routing engine allows you to send conversations to the respondent best suited to answer your customer queries via many touchpoints such as, Chat, Call, Video, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Text messages. Thanks to the  targeting engine and the capabilities of the routing engine (routing rules, modes and groups), your customers receive answers adapted to their needs and context in real-time. But how does the routing engine work? How is the conversation attributed to the best respondent? Find out below via our handy infographic:

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The right skill for more relevant tips  

Your visitors’ needs will vary across many different stages of the buyer journey and thus on different pages on your website. For example on a product page or in the check-out funnel, visitors will have different questions and issues. Therefore attributing specific skills to your agents can be a major asset for conversations to be better distributed and handled.
Here are some examples of skills used within the iAdvize platform: invoicing, technical, photography, cooking, etc.

A major need for marketplaces 

For a marketplace, the routing engine is a strategic tool to help website visitors. Cdiscount, for example, uses the ibbü service with experts in high tech, video games, decoration items and childcare articles to better respond to the context of each visitor. This way, each visitor benefits from a unique and personalised experience via authentic support in real-time.

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Teams with specific skills

In some sectors, like the banking sector, the topic covered can be so complex and technical that agents are structured in teams with different levels of experience to give responses more adapted to the visitor:

“The team is divided into two. The first group responds to any general questions about the bank’s offers and the second deals with any other requests that require further expertise.” Ashley Poniatowski, Webhelp Account Manager

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