[Infographic] Cross-channel customer experience, the state of play

Nowadays, it is essential for brands to offer seamless cross-channel customer experience. It is important both in terms of brand image, now that satisfied and dissatisfied customers do not hesitate to voice their opinions, and in terms of business opportunities. 

According to a study conducted by IDC Retail Insights, on average, omnichannel customers spend 20% more than multichannel customers, and multichannel customers spend 15 to 30% more than monochannel customers.

So what is an omnichannel strategy? What are the benefits and challenges? Here is the state of play of omnichannel customer experience. 


Cross-channel: 35% of interactions are already digital

In their 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking, Dimension Data say that two years from now, there will be more digital interactions than traditional call contacts. Thus, 87% of call centers say that there is an increasing number of written exchanges and a 42% decrease in call contacts.

Live chat is now used by 33% of contact centers and will be used by 70% of them in 2016. Yet, 41% of companies do not measure the cost of this type of customer service.

Let’s also remember that:

  • 40% of contact centers do not have analytics tools;
  • 52% do not share information internally;
  • 61% of Core Analytics Systems are not integrated within the overall organization.

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