In 2019, transform your customer experience with iAdvize!

Customer experience has become a major challenge to face for brands. Its impact is now obvious as Forrester states that CX leaders grow revenue five times faster than companies who neglect their customer experience.

Therefore, last year we enhanced the iAdvize platform to exceed the expectations of your visitors and allow you to control your costs, engage in conversation with more online visitors and achieve better performance while helping you with your customer experience transformation.

An engagement strategy to meet your objectives

We have begun enhancing the platform starting with the very first step: your engagement strategy. We have radically changed the way you can manage your targeting strategies by releasing Engagement Campaigns, focused on achieving your business objectives.

Engaging in conversation with your online visitors is no longer solely about setting up targeting rules. Now, you establish a comprehensive strategy, across all channels, designed to meet your business objectives: increase customer satisfaction, turnover, occupation rate, etc.

Seize the full potential of mobile conversations

With iAdvize, you can deploy your engagement strategies across desktop devices as well as mobile devices.
Our mobile SDK allows your online visitors to start a conversation directly from your mobile apps, and therefore, enjoy a seamless conversational experience on their iOS or Android devices just like they enjoy the experience provided on the desktop version of your website.

54% of mobile transactions are generated from apps. Providing your mobile users with an excellent conversational experience will allow you to support them before and after their purchase with the same levels of performance you already achieve on desktop devices. It’s fully transparent for your agents as conversations arrive on their iAdvize conversation panel.

Engage and support all your visitors using chatbots

In 2018, we developed our Bot Builder to allow you to build more comprehensive and relevant chatbots to pre-qualify your conversations. This way, your agents can focus on their core expertise and, therefore, better support your online visitors.

Moreover, we have opened our platform to let you connect bots you have already built with other suppliers such as Botfuel, Inbenta or DoYouDreamUp. This way, you provide your online visitors with a unified experience without them having to use several different conversational interfaces. You connect them with the best respondent (chatbot, partner, agent, etc.) according to their context.

Conversations connected to your ecosystem to achieve greater efficiency

Chatbot providers are not the only third-party solutions with which you can connect iAdvize. In 2018, we expanded our range of connectors by adding a Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Easyware and Zendesk connector to our platform.

The objective is to allow you to integrate iAdvize with your organization and utilize your conversation data via other tools while using your CRM information to better support your visitors.

For chatbots as well as CRMs or other ticketing tools, we continue to regularly fuel our Developer Platform with new APIs and their documentation.

ibbü: facilitating the experts’ experience to meet your needs

When enhancing the platform, we have always put ibbü at the center of our company’s vision. We now have more than 20,000 experts who share their tips and advice with online visitors from France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States.

We have worked to improve the ibbü experts’ experience on our platform simplifying their registration and the validation of their online administrative steps, being able to certify their level of expertise and allow them to join your missions directly online, etc.

The objective is always the same: grow our pool of experts to allow you to launch more and more missions and support as many visitors as possible with as much authenticity, enthusiasm, and unsurpassed quality.

Measure the impact of your conversations on your customer experience

Finally, we have made a number of important changes to our reports, especially for Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and the Call.

But the most important change is yet the addition of the Customer Satisfaction and NPS indicators as they will gradually replace the former method we used to measure customer satisfaction. Thanks to a new survey available at the end of your conversations, you will be able to measure the impact of all our innovations on your customer experience and compare your performance with other tools you set up for your customers.

Released in public beta end of 2018, it is one of the first new product features we are releasing for all our customers in early 2019. And if we have listed some of the innovations we provided our customers with last year, this one is a reflection of what we will continue to do this year: innovate to help you transform your customer experience.


Simon is Product Marketing Manager at iAdvize

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