Implement a conversational bot with the new Botfuel app

iAdvize is pleased to announce the launch of a new bot application in our marketplace: the Botfuel app.

Botfuel is a startup specialized in conversational intelligence. The company offers solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize customer relationship management.

Engage with your visitors 24/7

Thanks to automatic natural language processing you can now engage 100% of your visitors using a conversational bot. The bot can analyze visitor requests and detect intentions. Then, the bot handles part of the requests on its own or, when relevant, redirect them to the right human respondent.

With this new app you can:

  • Handle level 1 support questions without any human intervention.
  • Rule out conversations with low added-value.
  • Detect the nature of a conversation (customer service, pre-sales, etc.) to redirect it to the right agents.

Train bots to understand your business characteristics

During the installation process, you can use your conversation history to create a bot that will immediately be operational. Then, thanks to a simple interface provided by Botfuel, you can configure your bot to handle your different business use cases. The bot will progressively use conversations to improve and refine its ability to detect intentions.

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