ibbü: your on-demand pool of experts

We are happy to announce the launch of our new on-demand service, ibbü – the on-demand pool of experts paid to enhance customer experience and boost online sales. ibbü experts are made available to brands and are paid to support their customer service teams. ibbü curates the most talented experts on a range of different topics and put them in contact with brands who sell online and want to offer authentic customer service to their online visitors. To learn more, request an ibbü demo

Brands miss 70% opportunities to interact with online shoppers on their website 

eCommerce websites miss out on more than 70% of talking opportunities to transform online shoppers into customers. This is because online purchases take place during the evening or at weekends, when customer service teams are often reduced in size and less available.

ibbü curates expert enthusiasts for your brand

ibbü‘s value proposition is to seize contact opportunities and provide quality advice, at all times of the day. Savvy peers who specialise in a subject, are curated by ibbü based on criteria that highlight expertise and skillOnce recruited, they are able to answer the questions from online shoppers and support them throughout their website browsing. Sports enthusiasts, travelers, wine connoisseurs, fashionistas, etc. No matter what they are specialised in, ibbü gives savvy peers the opportunity to share and enhance their knowledge. Brands benefit from this expertise by connecting these talents with online shoppers and savvy peers receive financial compensation for their activity on ibbü.

62% of British online shoppers have already or would be willing to answer other shoppers’ questions about a product they are happy with within a customer chat support community according to a study conducted by eDigital Research with iAdvize in 2015.

Read more: Request an ibbü demo

How does ibbü work?

Savvy peers who have been certified as ibbü experts can choose the campaigns they want to join and when they want to respond to questions from online shoppers. Whenever they want, they can log in to ibbu.com. They automatically receive questions from online visitors via chat and they advise them on the best-suited product or service according to their profile, use, preferences, etc. This authentic advice from ibbü experts enables online visitors to be more informed about their purchase.

Brands manage their campaigns independently as they wish. They have a budget available for their campaign. Then, they determine the profile of savvy peers they will need for this campaign and the timeframe when they wish ibbü experts to interact with their customers and prospects, in addition to, or instead of, their customer service team.

Experts receive compensation for each chat conversation they handle, according to a tariff established by the brand. Brands can also choose to pay their  ibbü experts according to the sales they generate.

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94% of online shoppers supported by ibbü experts claim they are satisfied with the service

The first results observed with ibbü show the enthusiasm of online shoppers for this new authentic service. Companies who used ibbü in beta-testing noted that, on average, 21% of contacts handled by ibbü experts finalise their order, compared to only 2% of visitors who don’t receive support. These ibbü experts enabled brands to handle 70% of talking opportunities they were previously missing. In a week, an expert can support an average of 100 online shoppers and receive  £150 compensation. Almost all online shoppers supported (94%) are satisfied or very satisfied with this new type of customer experience and they are convinced of the value of being able to interact with a savvy and independent person.

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