” With community chat, I’ve become a real brand ambassador for Cooktoys! ” says Vicky

According to the 2014 Connected Life study by TNS Sofres, 41% of internet users prefer to hear what other users have to say before they make a purchase. Community Messaging, the live community chat solution will enable companies to transform their most savvy users into brand ambassadors by giving them the possibility to answer the questions of other users via live chat directly on their website.

To get a better idea of what Community Messaging can do, here’s Vicky story. She loves cooking and the online community of kitchen utensils website, Cooktoys, was just what she was looking for!

Once upon a time, Vicky, a young cooking enthusiast, started out on an online quest for the hand mixer of her dreams…

Vicky just can’t get enough. She’s always looking for another culinary challenge and is on the lookout for new kitchen utensils to inspire her for her next experiment.

On Cooktoys.com, Vicky notices that she can chat with other like-minded users in real-time thanks to iAdvize’s community chat solution. And they can answer her questions directly from the website! Thanks to the community’s advice, Vicky finally makes her mind up for the Super Hand Mixer 2000.

Vicky can ask questions and chat with other cooking enthusiasts.

But when she comes to completing her order, Vicky is confronted with an ordeal…

Vicky can’t confirm her order. There seems to be a problem with the form she’s filled in… Now this is a critical. She needs some expert help from a customer service agent. Which is why Matt, who works on the customer support team at CookToys, offers to help Vicky via chat.

Matt, agent at CookToys, helps Vicky via chat!

Vicky has now found the hand mixer of her dreams and joined the Cooktoys community!

As well has having found a wonderful hand mixer, Vicky has discovered a website where people who share her interest can chat and exchange tips. Now, Vicky is also part of that community and shares her experience with other users too.

Thanks to iAdvize, she can answer questions from the community directly on the website or from a special interface as she now has her own user account. She can also win rewards, like the invite to the next Cooktoys VIP event!

Vicky can collect rewards by contributing to the community.

If Vicky is happy, so is Cooktoys. They can keep an eye on the community’s activity and see how it increases sales, reduces costs and contributes to improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

With iAdvize, Cooktoys can now combine community advice with customer service support. 

With iAdvize, Cooktoys decides whether to connect online visitors with the community without calling upon customer service OR, thanks to iAdvize’s smart behavioural targeting, combine the community’s advice with customer service support. This means that agents can really focus on customer contacts where they can really make the difference, for the visitor and for the company.

 With iAdvize you can now combine advice from the community with customer service support.

What will your business get out of iAdvize’s community chat?

Used to receiving real-time support from customer support agents via Click to Chat, visitors on a website equipped with Community Messaging will now have the possibility to chat to experienced users.

With the same simplicity as Click to Chat, visitors can ask questions from the chat window on the website and exchange tips with other members of the community. Users can respond either from a dedicated solution thanks to their own user account or directly from the website and of course, they can choose which questions they want to answer.

To find out more about iAdvize’s community chat solution, watch the video!


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