Live on BBC World: iAdvize talks about conversational commerce

Yesterday, our CEO, Julien Hervouet, was invited to speak about conversational commerce and iAdvize and ibbü on BBC World for the TV programme “Behind the Headlines” with Jamie Robertson.


iAdvize was delighted to be one of the live speakers on BBC World addressing the future of eCommerce. Being present on the market for over six years, iAdvize has been established as the European leader in conversational commerce. We are proud to be able to share how we’ve been working with our customers in more than 40 countries to develop their customer engagement strategies and boost revenue.

BBC World talked about ibbü and conversational commerce

This was a great opportunity for Julien Hervouet to talk about the launch of ibbü, the on-demand pool of experts curated by iAdvize in more than 70 sectors, working with brands to enhance their customer experience and boost online sales. Additionally, Julien also spoke about the importance of bringing a human touch to the eCommerce experience and brands using chatbots and AI intelligently in collaboration with the human customer service team.


The discussion was centered around conversational commerce and the importance of adding a human touch to the customer experience. While artificial intelligence can help qualify a conversation, machines don’t have the deep range of knowledge coming from real experiences. Humans are driven by emotions, which are the most difficult thing to replicate using artificial intelligence.

More than 80% of consumers prefer to have authentic relations with people who are able to share personal experiences rather than bots. At iAdvize, believe that chatbots & AI can help ibbü experts to be more efficient by suggesting them answers or products they can select for online shoppers.

BBC asked iAdvize about the future of customer service

When asked about the future of customer service, our CEO discussed that consumers are buying the customer experience, more than services and products. Brands are now facing the ubiquity challenge, they need to interact with their customers everywhere online, anytime, in real-time and 24/7. Moreover, customers now ask for an authentic customer experience. It’s an important challenge to address.

Only 10% of the Fortune 500 companies founded 60 years ago are still active. This is because customer experience is the new marketing.  The future leaders will be companies who have understood that.

Our mission at iAdvize is to help companies solve the ubiquity challenge with our conversational commerce platform. They need engagement technology that helps centralise contact opportunities and on-demand experts to respond to these queries. We believe that in the future AI will help those experts to engage with 10, 20 and even 30 customers at the same time,” says Julien Hervouet, CEO, iAdvize.

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