iAdvize spoke on cross channel attribution at Mobile Shopping Europe

Between 8-9 February 2017, the iAdvize team was present at the Mobile Shopping Europe event in London, where mobile innovators and progressive retailers meet every year. Our Chief Revenue Officer, Dominic Cross, also spoke on the panel dedicated to “Cross-channel attribution: How to evaluate direct and indirect ROI from mobile to further build the business case for more investment”.

Making the case for the mobile customer journey

The event discussions were centred on the mobile customer journey, from establishing a new mindset for mobile selling via innovative customer service strategies, mobile design and new engagement strategies to proving and providing the ROI from a mobile-centric strategy.

Throughout the event  iAdvize team engaged with retailers and service providers on conversational commerce business practices and discussed how iAdvize helps its customers interact on multiple touchpoints with online visitors and help them convert:

Cross-channel attribution and mobile ROI

On 9 February, the iAdvize CRO, Dominic Cross, spoke in a panel on cross-channel attribution and evaluating mobile ROI together with David Slocombe from Trainline.com. If you missed the event, here’s an outline of the key talking points:

  • The discussion started with information collected from customers using mobile sites and applications: what is the best way to learn from your customers? David Slocombe discussed the importance of conversing with customers and using your product team in the field to constantly learn about their challenges. This way a brand can fill in the knowledge gaps that the CRM or customer teams did not cover.
  • Dominic Cross discussed why brands need to be available across multiple channels and the emerging importance of social media and messaging applications. Retailers are seeing a shift in how customers use mobile: the mobile customers are reactive, they don’t have patience and they need answers in real-time. They will use social media to complain about your service and your products. Retailers need to understand the importance of interacting with customers at the right time on the right channel to help them convert. It’s also important for retailers to consider the customer journey between online and physical stores and how to engage with customers who researched your product online but are buying offline.
  • Dealing with customer queries and issues were another key topic: how to classify different types of problems in order to deal with them efficiently? Market differences in Europe, age and demographics, cultural differences were all key factors retailers should consider when they are putting together their customer engagement strategies. Countries will react differently to different touch points and every industry has its own footprint. For the rail industry, for example, using an iPad code for transport is something very common amongst Trainline.com customers and their customer engagement strategy focuses on special messaging for this type of customer.
  • The Q&A session prompted some interesting topics, one of which was centred on the importance of knowing your customers and how they would like to be contacted. Dominic discussed how iAdvize integrates with CRM systems to help retailers and service providers accurately respond to their online visitors. This way a customer service agent can know more about the online visitor and reach out to him/her on their preferred touch point, whether that is on a website, on social media or using messaging applications. Dominic also mentioned the emerging importance of chat bots in helping human agents qualify conversations in the first stage of the discussion. He stressed the importance of the human touch for an authentic conversation between a prospective customer and a customer service agent and discussed how brands can engage first with high-value online visitors and help them convert.

If you would like to learn more about iAdvize and how we can help your mobile customer engagement strategy contact us and we’ll set up a personalised demo for you.

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