iAdvize bikes in Nantes, one of the best places in the world to cycle

Since February 2016, iAdvize employees have had access to 7 bikes. They have names… Bernard, Gérard, Léonard, Oscar and Richard (the black bikes), Marie-Claire and Bérangère (the green bikes). They are easily recognisable throughout the streets of Nantes, bedecked with the ‘WeAreiAdvize’ logo. A great chance to make the most out of this city that was the bicycle capital of the world in 2015 and 7th best place to cycle in the world according to Copenhagenhize’s Bicycle-Friendly Index.

Employees can use the bikes at lunchtime or in the evening to pop into town, go to a nearby meeting or just get some fresh air and stretch their legs. For those who come to work on the bus, tram or by car, this means they can move about at lunchtime, easily, quickly and ecologically. Since the bikes arrived, they’ve been reserved 98 times!  The #sellefie hashtag (game on words in French that literally translates as ‘saddlefie’…) highlights the strong connexion that has developed between iAdvize employees and Marie-Claire, Bernard, etc…


We use them regularly at lunchtime to go to the gym, really useful! My favourite is  Bernard… great idea, thanks!

Julien, Developer


This system is great, really practical, especially at lunchtime or even in the evening to get home. I prefer the bikes aren’t too big! It would be great if we had the same thing with umbrellas :)

Adénora, Sales Lead Coordinator


These bikes are great. We can easily pop into town, faster and further! They’re practical too, all of them have locks and the reservation system means that you can get a quick overview of which bikes are still available. You need some getting used to the Dutch bikes though! I’ve enjoyed riding them so much that I actually decided to get my own :-)

Solène, Inside Sales France

For this system to last on the long term, rules have been set up to reserve the bikes and take collective care of the equipment provided by the company. Each employee can see which bikes are still available and reserve one using Google calendar.

The aim of this initiative is to make it easier for employees to move around but also to encourage cycling in a city that is the 7th best place in the world to do so!


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