iAdvize acquires ISO 27001 certification

In 2018, committed to strengthening the security of their customers’ and partners’ information and data, iAdvize made it a priority to certify their Security and Information Management System (ISMS). The hard work was rewarded with the acquisition of the ISO 27001 certification on January 11th, following an initial audit performed by LSTI, a conformity assessment body.

From sales to product and engineering to human resources, all the iAdvize departments based in our HQ in Nantes, have been audited and certified in accordance with the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) international information systems security standard. This certification demonstrates our ability to provide end-to-end security for our customers’ and partners’ information systems. From an information security point of view, it attests to the maturity, value, and quality of our service.

“Our 2018 efforts enabled us to understand and meet ISO 27001 requirements. Continuously improving our security and information management system remains a top priority for our company to maintain the highest level of security possible and offer a high-availability solution, at the forefront of innovation and security.”
Logan Fernandez, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) at iAdvize

With this new distinction and the actions taken to comply with GDPR (European Data Protection Regulation), iAdvize proves that information security is at the heart of their strategic development. The confidentiality, availability, integrity of sensitive or personal data are a priority for us in order to offer a premium customer experience at the highest standards on the market, through a platform available at all times.

If you want to find out more about the compliance and security of the iAdvize infrastructure, follow this link.

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