How to choose an avatar for the chat invitation you offer to your online visitors?

Each avatar has its own identity and its own voice, which often turn into emotions. In community messaging, we are primarily focused on what visitors think, experience but mostly feel when they look at the button that invites them to chat. What we want them to see in an avatar is someone that looks like them; we want them to share the same personality and, most importantly, we want visitors to be able to create a link with the character(s) immediately. And we want them to click on the button. Brand identity can often be seen in the button’s design.

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So in order to help you choose an avatar for your chat invitation, we give you some tips on how to create a solid connection between your visitors and your avatar and how to attract your visitors with your chat invitation. Here is what you should be looking for during your research:

Consistency with the brand’s full personality (age, image)


Infinie Passion


Brand image is really important for your reputation. Therefore, you have to be careful when launching new pages on your website or when finding an avatar for the chat invitation you offer to visitors. You have to be consistent. Remember what your target audience is (their age, their interests) and don’t forget to add your brand’s touch on every little detail you put on your website, including the avatar of the community messaging solution you offer your visitors. Are you more casual? Formal? Are you a start-up? A fashion boutique? etc. Let your visitors know when they see the avatar!

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A group of happy smiling people


Saveur Bière


Obviously, we would rather click on an avatar represented by a happy person than someone who is likely to cry all day. It’s really important to add positivity in everything you say and do.

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A friendly ambiance 




Your customers all have different needs. Therefore, don’t hesitate to offer them all of our options in terms of avatar’s design; With Livrenpoche’s site above, you can see the classic way to represent your avatar. You can also choose the bubble style on the button below.
The button with the bubble style is quite useful when you directly want to show the atmosphere of your brand but you can’t convey that feeling with a classic avatar (for example: people having a great time on vacation).

Madame Vacances

Cool figures – Yes, it’s possible!

What if you can’t find the right character or picture? Do you always need to focus on these two elements during your research? No.

In community messaging you are allowed to go further and use all kinds of figures/drawings, but watch out, they have to match the identity of your client and its audience.    

Lately, you may have often heard about “lifestyle brand”: companies which try to build their businesses based on their costumers’ way of life. What we have to reach is something similar: propose an avatar to our client that is true to the brand and to its audience.

Tip: to get to know the visitors better, don’t hesitate to take a look at the website’s Facebook group.

At the end of the day, it’s very simple; it’s all about understanding.

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