How can independent experts engage your visitors online?

Savvy, independent experts are now being called upon to provide authentic advice in real-time, sharing product specific knowledge and experiences. This peer to peer engagement ensures that the online customer journey is now made up of engaging and rich conversations at exactly the right moment.

Brands collaborating with an independent pool of experts means establishing a relationship of trust as with any other service provider, so how can this be achieved and what does it look like to establish this relationship?

In our latest white paper, we explore how and why brands should entrust part of their customer experience to independent brand advocates.

Conversion, retention, brand image: 3 conversational marketing challenges

The joker is this special card that gives you an advantage during a card game and for businesses, this card game is the game they are playing to win the customer acquisition race. As the market becomes more and more competitive brands are looking for the ultimate solution to enrich the online customer journey to ensure they are the digital destination of choice. So how can they trigger the wow effect?

Millennials’ demand for immediate gratification is shaping the future of retail, with retailers blurring the lines between the online and the offline experience, making no distinction between online and offline channels but seeing it as simply a brand experience. Therefore the need for a highly personalised, seamless customer experience for online visitors is essential, not only to win the acquisition race but to increase customer lifetime value.

These independent experts who boost the customer experience, are at the heart of an economic paradigm shift. They show the importance we give to our peers’ opinion and their availability corresponds to the behaviour of our hyper connected, omni-channel purchase journeys: during the week, at evenings and during the weekend.

How do freelance experts complete the customer service team of the largest brands? 

– Profiles and selection criteria: how can you curate top-performing experts?
– Insights, technical skills and professional attitude: how do the on-demand experts respond to your customers?
– Authenticity and brand image: how can independent experts reinforce 2 essential aspects of your marketing strategy?
– Performance: why do savvy enthusiasts represent a competitive advantage in the pre-sales process?
– State of mind: how do ibbü experts combine independence and community spirit?

How can independent experts engage your visitors online?

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