How Fashion Retailers Should Prepare For Black Friday 2019

We are already nearing the end of the year (time flies in the fashion industry!) and the Black Friday frenzy is rapidly approaching. As a fashion retailer, things can get a little overwhelming with a sharp, sudden increase in contact volume online during this time – which is a great thing for sales in general but, if not managed properly, it can lead to some serious missed opportunities.

Customer Experience in 2019

Customer expectations have changed. People are hyper-connected, hyper-informed and have been conditioned to expect everything in an instant. The fashion retail industry has gone through some tough times and has seen many physical stores shut down as a result, which can be quite daunting.

However, this is a fantastic opportunity for brands to invest in their online shops more than ever before, to bridge the gap between offline and online to deliver a seamless, top notch customer experience.

Black Friday Watch

Black Friday will be in full swing before we know it. Online purchases will increase greatly, and so will customers queries, returns, purchase mistakes etc. To feel confident that they can handle these busy periods properly, brands should prepare in advance to ensure they make the most out of Black Friday without forgetting Cyber Monday, of course.

Here are some tips retailers should keep in mind to optimise their CX in preparation for Black Friday:

1. Look into implementing a conversational marketing strategy on your website: Check out this short video to learn about the iAdvize scalable solution.

2. Enable customers to have their complex queries escalated to a human expert who knows your brand in and out.

3. Shift your focus and prioritise higher value baskets for maximum ROI.

4. Consider out-of-hours customer service to cover your missed opportunities: Check out the ibbü community by iAdvize for 24/7 customer support.

5. Provide your customers with high quality information to avoid returns and increase your CLV rate.

How can a conversational strategy help brands take full advantage of Black Friday?

After a long Black Friday weekend, iAdvize observed the performance of their customers in the fashion industry who use the iAdvize solution. 
The three main takeaways were:
  • 25% average conversion rate after chat
  • 5 times more visitors & chats than on an average Friday
  • 92% customer satisfaction rate after a chat

To find out more about the power of authentic conversations, download our brand new Fashion Industry Benchmark paper HERE


Joanna Rouby

Franco-British marketer

Marketing UK at iAdvize

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