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Great Art is the British branch of the Gerstaecker group, Le Géant des Beaux-Arts the French branch. Based near Bonn in Germany, Gerstaecker has 50 years’ experience in distance selling art material. Today, the group is European leader in this sector, and offers 50 000 different products in its shops in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Selling these products online has been a  great success; today there are ecommerce websites for France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

Who are your website visitors and what type of question do they ask you?

Visitors to the GreatArt website in the UK and to the Le Géant des Beaux-Arts website in France are the same. Gerstaecker has a wide variety of customers ranging from budding artists to professionals, who all share the same passion, art. Our visitors are pupils, art students and we also work with hospitals who place orders for art therapy sessions. Therefore we receive individual and group orders. Our visitors are looking for advice about how to use the products, whether they work together and whether specific products are available. We offer them a customer service to answer their questions and encourage them to buy directly on the website via the live chat or later in a shop.

Why did you chose to implement iAdvize’s Click to Chat?

We chose live chat for two reasons: to improve our customer service and the experience of visitors to our website but also to increase the transformation rate and reduce the abandonment rate. Therefore, Click to Chat is strategic for our customer service and sales strategy.

You are in charge of the English and French ecommerce websites of the Gerstaecker group, what was your live chat implementation strategy in those two countries?

We first launched Click to Chat on the French website before duplicating the strategy on the UK website. We waited a few months before we   implemented a specific strategy for the UK. Indeed, in Anglo-Saxon markets, marketing attitudes tend to be more “aggressive”.  For example, we’re used to seeing lots of “2 for 1” or “-90%” offers. The British consumer expects a more proactive customer service; this goes for when they’re in shops and also to when they’re spending online. When it comes to setting up the behavioural targeting rules for Click to Chat, this means that we needed to propose more proactive chat  invites than on the French website.

Who are the chat operators?

We have teams of local operators who are dedicated to processing the chats in one language to ensure our visitors get the best quality service. They process the customer questions from several communication channels, Click to Chat but also telephone and email. They receive training about the products and how they should be used so they can give quality answers to the online buyers. If visitors are looking for technical and artistic advice, our chat operators can also  refer them to our online magazine, GreatArt Magazine (l’Atelier Géant in France) which includes practical practical guides and artists’ tips.

After your first few months using iAdvize, what is your feedback? Are you thinking about making any changes to the way you use the solution?

We’ve been using the iAdvize tool for 12 months now. At the beginning we did make some small changes to our UK strategy to adapt to the specific features of a market where live chat is known by everyone.  Today, we are very satisfied with the results in France and in the United Kingdom because the objectives we set at the beginning of the project have been exceeded. The customer satisfaction of clients who use live chat is more than 90% and advising our customers by chat leads to an increase of the average order value by 30% on average.

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