Adapting your Click to Chat strategy to the online specifics of the Summer Sales

The Summer Sales are a key period for online businesses who experience a strong traffic increase on their websites and therefore benefit from this time of year which is eagerly awaited by consumers on the look-out for good deals. But what impact does this period have on performance and should a Click to Chat strategy be adapted?

Kilian, Customer Success Manager at iAdvize, shares his experience with us. Kilian has been Customer Success Manager at iAdvize for three years now, one of the first! His role is to help clients implement iAdvize by advising them on which targeting rules they should apply on their website in order to achieve their objectives. He’s in charge of key accounts in the eCommerce, tourism and banking industries.

What role do the summer sales play for online businesses?

The summer sales are a key period for online businesses. Between the winter sales and Christmas, this is a key sales moment in the middle of the year. The summer sales are particularly important for our retail clients, for example in the fashion and home industries. Internet traffic triples, sometimes even quadruples. When it comes to live chat, this forces us to rethink our targeting strategy. The proportion of visitors who flick through websites looking for the best deal increases. In a short amount time visitors look at lots of different pages – the decision to buy will be based on the price or an impulse buy. It’s less about satisfying specific needs, and more about being present when the visitor goes into hesitation mode.

How do the summer sales change the way visitors use live chat?

Normally, live chat makes it possible to give visitors advice about the different products and help them through check-out. During the sales, it’s less about giving visitors advice and more about giving support and and reassurance. When visitors are choosing a product, they are most likely to call upon chat agents for information about the product’s availability, so it’s really important to anticipate what should happen if a specific product is out of stock. Throughout the check-out funnel, questions revolve around payment methods, delivery conditions or returns. Click to chat is an excellent channel to give these visitors the right answers immediately and thereby reduce the abandonment rate.


How should online businesses change their use of chat during the sales?

It’s fundamental to implement a specific targeting strategy adapted to the traffic increase and consumer needs. This has a big impact: clients who implemented a specific sales strategy experienced a real improvement compared to the previous year when they hadn’t changed it. Their turnover / hour of online presence increased from 50 to 60% compared to previous sales period.

On the other hand, the turnover of those who kept the same strategy as usual only increased by 5 to 15%. It’s clear that adapting your targeting strategy is necessary when spending is unusually high. From my point of view, there are three key issues: making the most out of high internet traffic to get new clients, giving priority to the visitors who spend more and adapting the strategy on a daily basis  to stay in line with the amount of visitors.

What aspects of the targeting strategy should be changed?

During the summer sales, you can observe a major change in online buying behaviour. Choosing the product doesn’t normally take long. It’s after, during the check-out funnel that visitors hesitate. This impacts where they need support: less when it comes to choosing the product but more during check-out, about payment and delivery methods. During the first five days of the sales, I would advise a specific targeting strategy with rules adapted to the increase in internet traffic. We can implement specific rules depending on whether our clients want to get new customers, proceed to clearance of certain products or increase the amount of contacts processed in certain areas. After that, it’s important to modify the strategy in order to refocus on visitors with strong added value. The aim of these continual optimisations is to make the most out of the website traffic.

And finally, what advice do you give when using chat during the sales?

It’s vital to adapt the targeting strategy depending on the volume and type of visitors. A targeting strategy during the sales  should be very flexible. It’s important to keep a close eye on it. The first day is very important, you have to be able to change strategy during the day. This is key to making the sales as successful as possible. The human aspect will also make a huge difference: live chat representatives should be ready to suggest alternative products if the one they originally wanted has run out, so advice should not be neglected. And finally,  employing the right amount of people is equally important: it’s important to correctly assess how many chat representatives you need to be able to process the chat flow in the most efficient way.



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