Get ready for the peak season: Christmas is coming

Black Friday hasn’t started yet and brands are already focusing on Christmas! Why? Christmas is the peak selling season for most retailers! Last year, UK retailers gained £24 billion over Christmas from the £114 billion  total profit, according to IMRG and Capgemini. There is still time for your brand to prepare for this very important event whether you have an eCommerce website or a brick and mortar store. Learn how to develop your online strategy and engage  your online  website visitors during the Christmas period. 

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Face the ubiquity challenge – be omnipresent

The Christmas period is very stressful for both online shoppers and retailers. Online shoppers are searching the perfect gifts for their friends and family while exploring many eCommerce websites and brick and mortar stores. For their part, retailers need to be ready to face peak traffic while managing customer inquiries – it’s essential to over plan your stock supplies and advise the online shoppers that need your help.

Your customers are everywhere: on social media, your website, your mobile app, etc. And they expect you to respond on each channel they may want to use. That’s why it’s very important for your online store to centralize all interactions you have with your customers, especially during the Christmas period. Because it’s the peak selling season, you may have to get extra help for your sales and your customer service teams. Your company needs to handle additional customers that will be looking to buy on your eCommerce website and / or in your stores. And your teams have to be as efficient as they are during “normal” traffic periods and handle additional website visitors.

On your eCommerce website, you need to enable your customer service team to help online shoppers as fast as possible: send them links for special offers; make sure they can transfer your website visitors easily to the most knowledgeable agent who can deal with their query quickly. This is what conversational commerce platforms offer you: they provide you with a tool that centralizes all interactions and from which you can respond to customer queries no matter what channel they are using. Conversational commerce platforms help you save time while answering their questions when they really need your help.

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Advise visitors who most need your help

During the Christmas period, your online store will face high-volume traffic and obviously, you cannot help each online visitor. Your business aims to increase ROI and boost online sales while keeping customers happy and helping them when they need to be supported. Predictive targeting rules can help you detect which visitors most need your help and which online shoppers will be the most valuable for your brand. By defining a set of targeting rules, you can quickly know who are the online shoppers that need assistance from a conversational commerce platform and be ready to support them from the same tool.

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To enhance your customer experience, you can also combine automation and human expertise. This way, chatbots answer basic questions coming from your online shoppers while your customer service agents can focus on questions with high added value and offer their expertise to visitors who most need their help.

Be available 24/7

Do you want to make a difference during the most important selling period of the year? Being available when your competitors aren’t and offering 24/7 customer service support could make the difference. It may seem impossible at first but think about it: your customer service agents are available during opening hours but what about your loyal customers? You may have an online community of loyal customers that would love to use their free time to help you support  your online website visitors. What about offering this community the possibility to give authentic advice to your prospects and other customers? It could make brand available for online shoppers 24/7 and offer a fun experience for your loyal customers. It could also be a chance for you to show your loyal customers you trust them and listen to them –  it’s a way to make their voice heard.

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