Forrester announces that 2019 will be the year to invest in humans

Since April 2016 with the launch of the Messenger bot store, chatbots and artificial intelligence have sparked great interest in the digital space. Nonetheless, 2019 is the year humans will be put back in power, according to Forrester. After the year of digital transformation¹ and the year of reckoning², Forrester recently referred to 2019 as the year to invest in humans as customer backlash against chatbots and artificial intelligence begins³.

Is the chatbot hype over?

A popular question since chatbots and artificial intelligence made a comeback has been: will robots replace humans? Even though chatbots manage to handle simple conversations and FAQs, they cannot handle more complex queries and apply the empathy that humans agents can. 

“Customer experience is not only the result of algorithms and technology. It is also about people who are enthusiastic about a topic and communicate their enthusiasm in an authentic way. A website cannot always convey this enthusiasm, this is why it is so important to integrate passionate experts with the customer journey. This way, passion can be transmitted to the website visitor who will be more comfortable with the decision.’’
Micha Kafitz, Key Account Manager for iAdvize, DACH region

A need to put the customer first

Adopting chatbots and artificial intelligence requires time, money and training in an ever-changing environment. And marketing, customer support, and sales efforts shouldn’t be concentrated and dependent on technology. In 2019, disruptive companies will focus on creating real value for their number one target: customers.

A human customer experience to stand out

As time goes by, customer expectations continue to rise. The ubiquitous digital space offers a myriad of possibilities and opportunities for customers. For this reason, the marketing departments would benefit from providing the impetus for customers to engage with their brand. The main takeaway of this discussion is that leading a human customer experience movement with a strong emotional impact will be the key to stand out and thrive in 2019.

To find out more about Forrester’s predictions for 2019, read their recent blog post and download their Predictions 2019: CMO, Branding Brings Oomph To Differentiate CX report.


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