[Event] WeChat, Meetic, Adblock Plus… will be attending Conversation, 17th May, in Nantes

‘Conversation’ is a day of immersion into conversational marketing. With this event, we are no longer trying to explain why conversations are a big deal for eCommerce, marketing or customer service pioneers, but rather thinking of how we can take advantage of innovations such as conversational platforms, chatbots, artificial intelligence or communities to fuel conversations. 

For its second edition, Conversation will draw on the industry’s best initiatives and help you rethink the conversational experience in the light of the conversational practices that create the most value for both customers and businesses.

Conversation is a content marketing event where the companies and editors that define the conversational economy, such as Meetic, Orange Bank, AirBnB, BlablacarWeChat and Facebook, take the stage.

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China: where messaging goes beyond conversation

Encounter with Andrea Ghizzoni from WeChat

Andrea Ghizzoni is the European Director of Tencent, world leader in video games and WeChat owner. This social network is a real phenomenon in China where it counts with more than one billion users. As a Hub which allows you to do everything online, without leaving the app, WeChat centralizes the life of many Chinese people. Andrea Ghizzoni will present WeChat’s fascinating ecosystem, full of lessons for brands looking to to assert their presence in China and those preparing for major innovations in Europe.

Messaging and methods to reach even ad-blocking users

Inspiration by Ben Williams from Adblock Plus

More than one-fifth (20.9%) of UK internet users use adblocking softwares on their computer. Some studies even measure the feeling of “being pursued by brands online” (34% of the worldwide population). Ben Williams, Director of Communications and Operations at Adblock Plus, will discuss the end of online advertising as we know it and the changes it involves for marketers.

When the voice of the customer carries in brand authenticity 

Conversation with Héloïse Laurent from Claudie Pierlot, Emmanuel Marill from Airbnb and Maxime Garrigues from X-prime.

How can brands be authentic? How can you create conversations about and with a brand? Three experts will speak from three different points of view with a common objective. At a time when the rationalization of consumption, the search for meaning and the influence of communities are asserting themselves as long-term trends, brands need to find a new voice to communicate with their customers and maintain their own credibility. Héloïse Laurent is Customer Service Manager at Claudie Pierlot, Emmanuel Marill is Director at Airbnb for France and Belgium and Maxime Garrigues is General Director at digital agency, X-prime.

Blablacar, leading moving conversations

Encounter with Laure Wagner from Blablacar

Laure Wagner is Blablacar’s first employee and spokesperson. For the world’s leading carpooling platform, conversations are a raison d’être: it is in the brand’s name, in the two quotation marks which compose its new logo but, first and foremost, conversations are present between carpoolers during a car ride. Laure Wagner will discuss the energy and resources of these authentic conversations.

Conversation at the heart of team engagement and management

Encounter with Nicolas Farin from Workplace

Conversation brings together more than 300 decision-makers from the world’s largest groups. Many of them are also team or project leaders who must federate, engage and inspire their collaborators. Between communication and team work, the corporate and managerial conversation also has its technological tool. Nicolas Farin, Workplace Development Manager in France, will share his experience and decipher the habits of inspiring companies.

The role of chatbots in customer acquisition & retention

Conversation with Xavier de Baillenx from Meetic and Djamel Mostefa from Orange Bank

Since 2016, chatbots have been drawing the attention of all brands. The most mature brands claim that every bot needs a precise use. Xavier de Baillenx is in charge of an innovation unit at Meetic. He will share his experience in bots and decrypt the role they can play in the Customer Lifetime Value. Djamel Mostefa is responsible for the R&D department and innovation at Orange Bank. Launched at the end of 2017, Orange’s new 100% mobile bank integrated a bot from the start. Is it a strategic pivot for customer acquisition?

Diving into artificial intelligence

Encounter with Alexandre Lebrun from Facebook

Alexandre Lebrun is the creator of M, Facebook’s intelligent assistant. Specialized in artificial intelligence, he leads the engineering department of Facebook’s fundamental research laboratory in Paris.

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