Customer reviews and conversational commerce make your brand customer-centric

Customer rating and review software such as Trusted Shops or Ekomi enable brands to be customer-centric. With these tools, brands collect customer feedback in the form of rating, comments, photos or videos and make this feedback visible publicly on search engines like Google or the brand’s product pages. 

The state of play of online customer rating and review software

Customer rating and review tools are an opportunity for brands to be more customer-centric. If customers are satisfied with your brand, they promote your products for free. Bazaarvoice is one of the biggest global networks that connects brands and retailers with authentic shoppers. It engages consumers and offers targeted ads and authentic content generated by consumers via customer ratings, reviews, photos, videos and social media posts.

Thanks to these tools, the voice of your customers is heard. It helps convert online shoppers who need support on an eCommerce website. These tools also enable brands to centralise customer reviews which are scattered throughout the internet (on social media, forums, comments on websites, etc.).

Businesses are facing two major challenges: they have to be able to adopt a ubiquitous strategy (be present everywhere) while providing advice quickly and efficiently when visitors are in the check-out funnel on an eCommerce website (offer support). 

Customer feedback and conversational commerce

Brands can no longer do business without user-generated content. They need to include this type of content in their customer service strategy.

Asking online shoppers for their opinion is not new: customer engagement strategies including beta testers or satisfaction forms have been developed many years ago. However, a new era is underway: the customer-centric era. Brands and their communities are becoming one item: customers are essential players at each step of the value chain. But how can brands can make sure customer-generated content becomes a growth driver? 

#1 Build trust by making the voice of your customers heard 

Making their voice heard enables your brand to earn their trust. Your potential customers will want to check on social media or search engines if your brand is trustworthy. If they find authentic and honest opinions about your company, they will be more inclined to give your brand a chance and try your products and/or services.

“As human beings we instinctively seek out our peers’ opinions as the main source consumers consult before making a purchase decision. Nevertheless, with consumers placing their trust, and cash, on the opinions of their fellow shoppers, it’s crucial that brands and retailers ensure this content is 100 percent authentic.“, says Prelini Udayan-Chiechi, VP Marketing EMEA at Bazaarvoice

The second step in the customer journey is conversational commerce. Once prospects think your brand is trustworthy, they are ready to ask you directly for advice and get a closer look at your offers. Then again, in addition to customer ratings and reviews, you can surprise them by providing an innovative customer service which makes their voice heard: ibbü. If you are using ibbü on your eCommerce website, you benefit from an on-demand pool of experts that is completely independent and is paid to support your customer service team at all times. The advice given by the ibbü experts is qualitative and authentic because they are true savvy enthusiasts selected by your brand and curated by iAdvize.

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If your brand uses a customer review tool like Trustpilot, you probably already have an existing active community. Your brand can ask for feedback and enable its members to offer tips that will help you increase your conversion rate.

#2 Total transparency leads to a better customer experience

Making your community’s voice heard enables your brand to offer total transparency to your customers. Transparency is essential: social media and all touch points are made available to your prospects and customers. If you are not completely transparent with them, they will reach out to your competitors who are perhaps easier to contact.

Being transparent and available in real-time for customers and prospects is now critical for brands. But it shouldn’t only be done publicly but also when prospects are contacting customer service teams in a more private way (via a chat solution or over the phone for example). When your agents are the privileged interlocutors of your prospects, they need to be available to help at any time. 

This way, when your visitors interact with your customer service team, they should feel free to ask complex questions that will guide them in a personalised way in their purchase decision. 
ibbü experts are the best resource to answer this demand and complement your customer rating and review software. 

#3 Select the best brand advocates to go one step further with ibbü

Your community is essential for your brand. But you can optimise their help by combining the customer review software with a conversational commerce platform like iAdvize. This way you’ll be able to curate and select the best brand advocates to advise and convert online shoppers on your eCommerce website that most need your help and represent the most added-value to your brand. Thanks to this combination of services, your brand could provide your customers and prospects with efficient online support in real-time, at all times.

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The winning combination for the era of conversational commerce

Customer review software and the conversational commerce platform provided by iAdvize are complementary. Why? Both of them aim to help brands become more customer-centric. This way, customers receive valuable advice (when they interact with customer service teams) and create value themselves (by being part of the ibbü community as enthusiastic experts for brands).
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