[White Paper] Customer experience in the age of conversational commerce

As Julien Hervouët, CEO and co-founder of iAdvize, said last week in this blog post, we are approaching the age of conversational commerce. The messaging revolution is happening: 3,2 billion people are connected around the world and, among them, 78% now use a messaging app.

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Conversational commerce: the perfect fit for customer experience

According to Mastercard, 70% of Chinese consumers complete purchases from their smartphones. Yet, in the United States, the share of mobile commerce   within global ecommerce sales does not exceed 15% and no more than 7,5% in Europe. How can this be explained? Mainly because the mobile web and native apps are not yet up to the expectations of customer experience.

‘‘Conversational commerce is about delivering convenience, personalization, and decision support while people are on the go, with only partial attention to spare.’’ Chris Messina, Medium, january 2016. Developer Leader at Uber, former Google and inventor of the hashtag.

Conversational commerce is perfectly in line with users’ practices. Why not use it as a lever of growth?

Conversational commerce is the new face of eCommerce, or rather mCommerce. It represents an incredible opportunity for brands to reinvent the way they interact with their customers and transform customer engagement. Indeed conversational commerce enables brands to rise to customer expectations and changing habits.

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The Ubiquity challenge

Today, businesses are faced with a major challenge: ubiquity. Customers expect to be able to interact with brands everywhere, all the time and in real-time.

Customers want an authentic experience. Therefore, brands must spark the conversation with their customers and make eCommerce conversational: this is the richest, most sincere and natural experience that brands can offer their customers.

You want to know more about conversational commerce? Take a look at our White Paper entitled “Customer experience in the conversational commerce age”

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