Adressing customer challenges in the jewellery industry

Buying jewellery fits into our secondary needs. There is a new purchasing motivation introduced by online sales. However,  there are customer challenges unique to the jewellery industry that are barriers to conversion.  

All eCommerce websites have advantages that attract consumers: no travel is necessary, they offer schedule flexibility; there is often a wider choice of products compared to physical stores. However, there are certain challenges unique to the jewellery industry, and they are perceived as risks that could compromise customer conversion.

Some of these challenges are: fear of counterfeit products, complicated delivery and return policies, fear of purchasing expensive products online, the fact that products cannot be tested online. The lack of physical connection requires brands to offer a lot of reassurance and expert advice to their customers. Online customer service, like the one the iAdvize platform offers, is a real source of motivation for potential customers.

Online sales in the jewellery industry require a high need of reassurance and expert advice from brands.

How to address customer challenges

At iAdvize, experts implement different targeting strategies and adapt them according to each customer, tailoring them to the client’s objectives and expectations. The strategies differ and depend on each market’s particularities. However, within the same industry, there are some similarities in how to engage visitors. In the jewellery industry, 100% of iAdvize customers prefer to use live Chat. Click-to-Call is the second channel used to complement to live Chat, used by 30% customers in this sector. Other channels like iAdvize Social, Community Messaging or Facebook Messenger, are not yet in production on these websites. This shows that the market is lagging behind compared to other eCommerce sectors like tourism or fashion.

Brands and customer engagement

The number of contacts generated by live Chat or Click-to-Call depends on the type of engagement strategy you use with your visitors. Our benchmark for the jewellery industry shows that brands systematically use a floating button accompanied by the deployment of a Chat box in 80% cases. These tools enable brands to show they are available to help while remaining discrete. This way, brands don’t create a disruption in the online journey their visitors experience on the site. 9 Brands favour using an invitation in the middle of the page to retain visitors during the most critical moments of the customer journey, such as basket abandonment or too much time spent on a page without actions. Market players from the jewellery industry don’t want to be very proactive in their engagement, but they want to respond fast to customers. They also want to engage their visitors when they need it the most.

Find more best practice on customer engagement in our new jewellery white paper.

White paper: the new customer service challenges in the jewellery industry

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