Conversational Platforms among Gartner’s Top 10 Technology Trends for 2018

Recently, Gartner shared what it considers as the Top 10 strategic technology trends for 2018. And together, these tech trends constitute the intelligent digital mesh.
Ranked number 6 are conversational platforms. Their aim is to provide value to both businesses and their customers. How? By offering the possibility to have two-way real time conversations and combine intelligent machine automation with human expertise.
According to Gartner, conversational marketing platforms are part of a growing trend which will drive a paradigm shift!

Here are the reasons why you should deploy this new trend to maximise your online strategy and ROI:

#1 – Apps to create rich conversations at all times

“The challenge that conversational platforms face is that users must communicate in a very structured way, and this is often a frustrating experience.”

Conversational marketing platforms have several advantages:

– Enable you be cost-effective by centralising all the messages you receive from different touch points at all times
– helping you offer a user-friendly customer experience
– helping you support the visitors who most need you and convert visitors with high added value by segmenting them thanks to targeting behavioural criteria and directing them towards the best respondent thanks to routing rules

And apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp or WeChat have turned into crucial touch points for brands when communicating with their customers. Messaging apps have about 5 billion monthly active users and different users prefer different messaging apps.

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That’s why conversational marketing platforms are becoming crucial differentiators: they help you be available across different messaging platforms at the same time, instantaneously. All your messages are centralised within one single conversational platform and this way, you can engage visitors with easy and friendly conversations full of rich content:

– Customers can send images to show their concrete issues
– Customers can send emojis to express their feelings
– Agents can send documents such as instruction manuals to customers to help them use a product
– Agents can send product pages to guide customers
– Agents can see in real-time the online browsing behaviour of your website visitors thanks to the screen mirroring feature to guide them at best according to their context

#2 – A human and machine collaboration for augmented capabilities

A recent Gartner survey showed that 59% of organizations are still gathering information to build their AI strategies, while the remainder have already made progress in piloting or adopting AI solutions.

Gartner outlines AI Foundation as its number one intelligent trend. Interest is growing in the use of artificial intelligence within businesses’ online strategy. And artificial intelligence and chatbots can definitely be applied and should be to conversational platforms. At iAdvize, we believe that machines are not here to replace human beings but serve them and give them augmented capabilities.

“Machines and humans are a perfect match because they are complementary. Let’s take an example in online customer service: 20% of conversations can be completely automated, 50% are supported by humans in charge of validating or correcting answers offered by bots and 30% of them are handled by humans alone. Artificial intelligence can take care of “low value” questions, very frequently asked questions and can guide customers towards the most suited service to meet their demand.”
Julien Hervouët, CEO of iAdvize

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#3 – A human conversational community that provides visitors with authentic and genuine advice

Being available at all times for your customers and prospects is great but that’s not it, you also need to ensure a high quality support otherwise, it’s of no use to be available at all times. But how can you be available at all times while ensuring a high quality service? By collaborating with a community of independent experts.

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iAdvize has an on-demand pool of experts who are paid to enhance customer experience and boost your brand’s online sales. This way, online shoppers receive authentic tips and best practices in real-time, they are guided towards the product most suited to their needs and context at any time of the day.

Le Petit Ballon’s feedback with iAdvize’s on-demand pool of experts:

“We are not just trying to sell products, that’s not what our brand is about. With ibbü, website visitors get authentic advice. Our ambassadors share their own experience: the feelings of excitement and amazement when they open their box!”
Maxime Brillanceau, Customer Relationship Manager, Le Petit Ballon

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