Conversational Marketing, A Strategic Differentiator

Building strong relationships with customers is power. And in business, it’s the difference between success and failure. In today’s environment, the bar gets raised a bit higher each day. For brands to break out from the crowd, they have an opportunity to differentiate using conversational marketing.

Conversations To Improve Customer Acquisition

Connecting with customers hasn’t gotten easier. More than anything technology is fueling a shift in the way consumers use messaging to interact with brands. With over 5 billion active users on the planet, messaging has become the new standard of communication for consumers. To cultivate positive impressions in the consumers’ minds, brands have an opportunity to leverage emotion-rich, authentic conversations.

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In a recent blog post, we explore Forrester Research’s perspective on the essential role of emotion and conversation to better capture consumers’ attention.

Yet simply having a chatbot on your site isn’t a differentiator. When buyers are unable to find their answers to their questions, brands have a gap to meet their expectations.  When customers make an inquiry and receive emotionless information, your brand is in danger of becoming boring and fading into the noise. This is why innovative brands get so much attention. When they see a gap in the quality of their customer interactions and they seek to prove they bring something truly unique to the experience.

To gain insight into the changing dynamics, we commissioned Researchscape International to conduct a study. The purpose is to better understand how consumers utilize digital channels to interact with brands. In the report, Researchscape explores what the new trends means for brands to improve their customer acquisition and retention.

New Study Reveals New B2C insights + trends

During our upcoming July 18th webinar titled, From Live Chat to Conversational Marketing, you’ll hear Jeffrey Henning, president of Researchscape International discuss the new findings from our 2018 study. The report is slated for release this month. This is an exclusive study of 715 online shoppers in the U.S. To recruit for the survey, Researchscape invited 2,000 consumer panelists to participate, quota-sampled with 32 interlocking cells of age, gender, and region. Only those who had used Live Chat in the past year were eligible for the survey. Get a complimentary copy of the study by clicking here!

As a marketer, I found the data extremely interesting and compelling, and I hope you will as well. It provides valuable guidance to help digital marketers engage buyers. It’s also a useful resource to benchmark your initiatives against the changing consumer dynamics. View the on-demand webinar from our July 18thwebinar to learn how to tap into the full potential of conversational marketing to engage your customers.

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