Using Conversational Marketing to gain a competitive advantage

Only “(50%) of retailers believe that they offer the same level of customer experience online as they do in store”. The keys to success in terms of customer experience involves engagement as well as retention. Conversational Marketing also helps with customer acquisition. Additionally, once you have acquired those customers what is the best way to sustain that customer engagement and gain a competitive advantage?

iAdvize have partnered up with Internet retailing to help you identify how the human touch which involves a blend of process, algorithm and humans can help brands to shape their existing customer experience offering to become the digital destination of choice.

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Customer Experience: The future of Marketing

Over the years, the concept of building relationships with customers through communication has been overlooked. “71% of retailers believe that information and advice is the main driver of customer service”. Online ads are not effective anymore, the reason being is that “15% of customers were blocking online ads in 2015”. Additionally, in 2017, that figure doubled to 30%.

Dealing with Customer Expectations

It is becoming increasingly difficult to evolve with customer expectations as todays’ consumers are hyper connected, the market is flooded with choice and retailers are not providing the same experience online as they do in-store.

“We know that there’s a huge disparity between the personalised, human touch that can be offered in-store and the level of customer experience that is available online”.
Julien Hervouet, CEO and Co-Founder of iAdvize

There needs to be someone who is present online which is in the form of a third party independent expert to help customers receive the same customer service online as they do in-store.

So in order for retailers to stand out from the crowd, the use of a third party independent expert is crucial. These experts are able to provide authentic advice and share real experiences and as the latest Forrester Research concludes   brands should treat consumers like the thousands-of-years-old creatures that we all are, driven by our emotions.

The process of customer acquisition, engagement and retention is easily explained within our latest market report in order to help you create personalised strategies for implementation which will help you to gain a competitive advantage as well as adhering to customer expectations.

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