[Conversation] How can conversations help brands become authentic?

At a time when conversations have become a central part of customer experience, which tone and language register should brands use? Why must they be authentic? Can we be authentic without conversations? Here are some answers to these questions with Fatie Toko from La Poste (French post service), David Jamin from Air France and Simon Gros-Legeron, independent expert in video games. 

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“Only 7% of those surveyed in the UK describe brands as open and honest”, Study from The Global Authentic 100 in 2016.

“Authenticity means trust, proximity and simplicity. Today, the digital transformation make users distrustful of businesses. It’s up to customer service agents, via human relations, to restore confidence.” Fatie Toko, La Poste

Which tone and which personalization for more authenticity? 

“My personal touch is everything a chatbot could never do. I use emojis to make the chat more friendly and I am able to use empathy to personalise the experience.  I deliver a level of information and expertise customers don’t usually have access to. I have a sales role but first and foremost, an advisory role of which I ensure that I deliver an authentic experience whilst keeping it professional.”. Simon Gros-Legeron, independent expert in video games.

Via a semantic analysis of conversations, La Poste detected two words which provoke anxiety: never and always. Fatie Toko

“At La Poste, we keep a formal tone with our customers and use emojis in order to personalize conversations. Conversations accompany a whole culture change for our teams. They are continuous and we are finding a balance thanks to the transposition of our relations with our friends and family in customer service.” Fatie Toko, La Poste

“A considerate relationship means being available when customers need us. Thanks to data, we have a 360° vision on the customer journey. It allows us to better respond to our customers, all over the world. Recognition is very important, we want to highlight the fact that each customer is unique.” David Jamin

How can you measure authenticity?

“How do we measure conversations? We study verbatims, customer satisfaction, NPS and authenticity”, David Jamin

“We are very attentive to our collaborators’ feedback because authenticity is mostly measured via the satisfaction of our teams. Each time we add innovating touchpoints, their level of satisfaction increases. There is a synergy achieved thanks to conversations: when a customer gives a 9/10 grade, you can be sure that the customer service agent also gives the conversation a 9.” Fatie Toko

“A good self care service handles 80% of basic issues. Bots are not a threat for customer service agents because they enable them to focus on other more rewarding queries”. Fatie Toko

Read more: Watch the conference.


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