Major Trends Affecting Brands + Online Shoppers

New B2C Strategies For Capturing Consumers’ Attention

The Essential Role of Emotion + Conversation

Today’s brands fight to capture consumer attention in an increasingly competitive and noisy environment. While technology is driving a fundamental change in how consumers interact with brands, too few B2C marketers fully grasped the role and value of brand aligned engagement strategies. To stand out from the pack, Forrester Research says that brands should treat consumers like the thousands-of-years-old creatures that we all are, driven by our emotions.

New marketers use emotion-rich conversation to find out what the buyer wants and help them get it when, where and how they want it. One of the most effective techniques is to engage buyers during the product discovery journey with a conversational marketing approach. This type of personalized engagement provides brands with an opportunity to increase conversion rates and customer loyalty.

For insight into how to better capture consumers’ attention by engaging them on an emotional level read the Forrester Research executive summary. The key take aways are from our recent webinar titled, How Conversations are Shaping the Future of Online Shopping.

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