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The number one concern for a Community Manager or a Social Media Manager is the following : “How can we engage with our customers and win them over?”. With community chat, community managers can now offer their brand ambassadors and expert users a space where they can share their expertise in real-time with newbies. They can chat with them as they browse the website and also communicate with other brand ambassadors from the expert interface live feed, a sort of internal social network dedicated to experts.

In this article, community managers will get an overview of how the different features offered by Community Messaging, iAdvize’s free community chat, will help them engage with their community.


First objective: Engage your community with community chat

1. Engage in real-time

As mentioned, iAdvize’s community chat is a real-time solution. Online customers have increasingly high expectations in terms of response time and this channel means your visitors receive an answer just seconds after sending a question.

2. Engage users by enabling them to interact with each other

When a customer is recruited to be part of a community of experts, a personal account is created in the community chat solution and they become a brand ambassador. They can then fill in their profile, add social network accounts and view their stats in the chat live stream. With this account they can chat with website visitors in real-time. They can also interact with other community experts via the community chat’s live feed and win badges for different achievements.

Community chat expert

iAdvize’s Community Messaging has a live feed system which is similar to Facebook and Twitter live feeds. This live feed means community experts can interact with other experts in real-time, like a private social network. They can exchange tips and best practices. This makes it an efficient community engagement lever. From the live feed they can also:

    Post a 140-character message

    Like and share the posts of other community experts

    Send private messages to community experts

This live feed is also the first tool that enables community experts to contact the brand and get in touch immediately with a Community Manager or a member of the customer service staff so they can ask questions about new products, special offers’ or anything else they are not sure about. They can also share feedback on the difficulties visitors encounter on the website, incomplete product sheets etc…

3. The Community Manager’s tools

With the community moderation tool, community managers can follow the different discussions of the community experts. For example, you can decide to exclude certain words so they cannot be used by experts. The different features available with online forums are also available with Community Messaging and enable you to monitor the brand image.

For instance, you can see what visitors are saying about your products and brand but you can also exchange with experts to get their feedback.


Furthermore, your community and professional customer service team can work together thanks to discussion transfers. During a chat, if a community expert doesn’t have the answer to a question, he can forward the conversation to a professional agent very easily, from the chat interface. It is important to explain this process to the visitor beforehand but from their perspective, the chat window will not close or be disrupted.

Community chat also offers a web analytics dashboard so you can monitor more than 150 KPIs. Similar to the other contact channels used by professional agents, you can manage your activity thanks to performance indicators available within the solution. They enable you to monitor visitor satisfaction and community engagement, but also the conversion rate and turnover generated thanks to Community Messaging. Community chat is also a great tool when it comes to changing your marketing and social media strategy.

Second objective: build up your community’s brand loyalty thanks to community chat

1. A ranking system for experts

With community chat, experts get points for chatting frequently, with several visitors, thus showing their level of expertise. This means experts of your community can compare their chat performance with other members by looking at the experts’ ranking. This ranking is calculated according to 3 different indicators:

    The number of chats

    Their customer satisfaction rate

    Their level of expertise

Community chat rating

This ranking creates a fun challenge within the community and motivates experts to provide qualitative answers and contribute on a frequent basis.

2. Gamification!

You can engage and build up your community’s brand loyalty with gamification, an inherent characteristic of iAdvize’s community chat. Badges are awarded to community experts when they reach a certain satisfaction rate (e.g: 90% satisfaction rate) or when they complete a certain action (e.g: the expert’s first discussion). This is also a great way of motivating members at the beginning. For example, experts receive a badge after their first post on the live feed and they have completed their user profile.

Some badges are awarded automatically in all communities but you can also personalize them and change the awarding rules thanks to the behavioral targeting engine. Below you can see an example of a new badge created and awarded to experts who engaged in more than 240 chats.

3. Badges can also be associated with rewards!

Each badge can be associated with a reward to further motivate your users to be active members. Different types of rewards can be offered such as discounts on the eCommerce website, vouchers, exclusive invites to events…

You can read Lucette’s interview, this website uses community chat to enable users to share their beauty tips.

So in conclusion, Community Messaging is an efficient community management and engagement tool for Community Managers.



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