[Interview] TV Village provides online customers with real-time touchpoint – Click to Chat

In 2014, TV Village decided to implement Click to Chat on their website to provide support to their online customers. Stephen Palmer, director at the company, told us about why they invested in this real-time channel and what their experience of using it so far has been.

Could you tell us about TV Village’s business activity?

TV Village is an electrical items retailer which supplies mainly televisions to both the public and the trade. Set in the heart of the Trossachs in Scotland, we ship TVs all over the UK and beyond. TV Village has 33 years experience in the Consumer Electronics industry. Today, our biggest market is the 12 Volt television market, purchased mainly for caravans. The online business launched in September 2007, selling mainly on eBay and the Amazon market place. In 2008, the website was created and represents a large part of the business alongside the physical store in Aberfoyle.

What is your business’s vision of online customer service?

Online customer service is very important to us and integral to our business. 95% of our customers buy online so providing them with top quality service is essential to us. Furthermore, many of our customers are senior citizens so we want to make sure we facilitate the online purchase process for this generation.
We provide free next-day delivery within UK and a helpline for customers if they have any issues with the television they have bought.

Why did you decide to implement Click to Chat? What are your objectives?

At TV Village, we decided to implement Click to Chat to help our online consumers with their choice. Our products are quite technical and people always have certain questions they want to ask. The chat conversations generally take place before sales, on product pages and in the checkout funnel leading up to the purchase. We want our online customers to feel as at home online as in our shop. We want them to know we are available to ask any questions they might have. Click to Chat gives us this possibility.

TV Village

On the TV Village website, which visitors do you chat with? What kind of questions do they generally ask?

On the TV Village website, we chat with all visitors who need our help. Generally  they have technical questions about the different features of the products they are interested in (dimensions, whether the TV has built-in satellite, etc). Sometimes, the information is right there on the page they’re looking at but they just want that human contact! We want to make sure we add that personal touch to their online experience with TV Village.

How many agents use Click to Chat on a daily basis? 

At the moment, it’s just me! The solution is fun and user-friendly and I really enjoy that human contact which you don’t generally get online. At the moment, I don’t proactively ask people if they need help, I let them decide if they want chat support or not. Our online visitors seem to really appreciate the opportunity to interface with us, the online retailer and get help and advice in real-time. Our use of Click to Chat is likely to grow with the business!

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