How Brazilian Bikini Shop uses Click to Chat for its international development

Created in 2008, is an online business which offers Brazilian-style swimwear. Today, the website is available in 33 languages and delivers to 24 countries.

The website started providing different labels in 2012 and Brazilian Bikini Shop has also developed its own brand, Rio de Sol.

Gian Marco Guatteri, manager of the Brazilian Bikini Shop gave us insight unto how Click to Chat was integrated into their customer service strategy and how it has become an important tool for the development of the website abroad.

What is your vision of customer service at Brazilian Bikini Shop?

Our vision of customer service is to make sure we answer our customers questions as fast as possible so that they can find the product which is most adapted to their needs. We do the maximum to adapt to the languages our clients speak with a team of multilingual customer support agents.

What is the profile of visitors on your website and what kind of advice are they looking for on your website?

The visitors on our website are generally looking for their summer swimming costume. They are generally between 20 and 45 years old. Pre-sales, they’ll be looking for advice about the characteristics of the product, sizes available, delivery times, and after-sales, they’ll be asking questions about refunds and exchanges.

How can your visitors ask these question and via which channels?

We offer our online visitors customer support via Click to Chat, phone and email. But increasingly, chat is replacing the phone because it’s easier to use for our agents. With Click to Chat, they have that extra little bit of time to prepare their answers. We also use email a lot but with chat, we can give our visitors a much faster response.

For which reasons, did you decide to implement the iAdvize Click to Chat solution?

We wanted to provide our visitors with fast and efficient support. The expectations of our customers have changed and now very much consist in receiving instant support; making customers wait is increasingly unacceptable. However, for us the phone channel is slightly complicated as we are not able to deal with requests in all the languages which are available on your website. It was partly to deal with this language issue that we decided to deploy Click to Chat. This communication channel enables us to answer questions quickly but also gives us the time to prepare our answers when necessary.

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With a website translated in 33 languages, your activity is clearly international. What does this imply in terms of human resources, translation and the implementation of a live chat solution?

At Brazilian Bikini Shop, the question of languages is essential. Recently, we’ve started using a new translation platform which enables us to translate emails and responses quickly. But with chat, we don’t have the time to get the content translated. The iAdvize solution includes a instant translation tool in 25 languages which can be used for any simple exchanges. Our agents are multilingual and even though they may not have the same level of fluency in all languages, we’ve noticed that their level is sufficient for a live chat interaction. Also, the questions we get are often the same in all languages so our database of canned responses is also very useful. We believe that it’s better to respond in English than not at all; nowadays, the online shopper is used to reading and exchanging in English.

From your experience, would you say that live chat is a useful tool for developing an eCommerce business abroad?

Yes indeed. When launching internationally, live chat is a key tool for an eCommerce website. The fact that this channel is in real-time means that it takes some getting used to for our customer support agents. However, agents really enjoy using it on a daily basis. They prefer it to the phone and feel that it enables an interaction between people of different nationalities and languages.

How did you implement Click to Chat on your website? Embedded butons, pop up windows?

On our website, we have three types of chat engagement. We have a fixed embedded button at the top of the website, a floating button at the bottom on the right and a proactive live chat invitation in very specific situations. The combination of these three different engagements means that this real-time channel is really visible on the website. However, it is the proactive invitation which has the highest conversion rate.

Summer is the most important period of the year in your sector; what were your results with iAdvize during the summer of 2013? Are you happy with the conversion rate and your sales with Click to Chat?

Yes, I’m happy with the tool and its performance. When I decided to implement live chat on my website, it was to improve online customer service. I didn’t realise that the customer support agents would become online sales representatives! Live chat is not only a great way to answer the questions of online visitors but is also a strategic tool which can be used to up-sell and increase the average order value. In August 2013, our sales via live chat increased by 25% compared to the previous month.

You chose the strategic advice of a program manager. How did this impact the optimisation of the tool on your website?

The advice and project management from our program manager meant that everything was quickly implemented and configured. It also helped us to monitor the key performance indicators and adapt the strategy. Our next objectives are to continue improving customer satisfaction and we are going to implement a customer service in chinese.

Download the Brazilian Bikini Shop case study to find out more ! >



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