Chatbots to support your agents online!

By mid-April, you will be able to create bots within the iAdvize platform. 
First initially on desktop, you will be able to configure chatbots to support your agents in different situations: pre-chat survey scenarios, responses to basic questions or before a transfer to a human agent.

Chatbots to support your agents online 

Via the “Bot Editor” available on iAdvize’s interface, soon you’ll be able to build your own bots and integrate them into your website’s engagement strategy. 

Considered as agents, you will be able to integrate chatbots into your targeting strategy, create an escalation to human agents, monitor the statistics related to their conversations and performance.

The Bot Editor’ enables you to create conversation branches by adding text, multiple choice questions, open questions, the opening of web links and transfers to agents. Via a drag and drop system, it’s very easy for you to build the bot’s pitch and your contact at iAdvize will be able to support you in the process. You can create as many bots as you want and dedicate them to a precise type of visitors on your website with a targeting strategy.

Bots combined with your customer service team will allow you to respond to the most frequently asked questions, carry out simple tasks and guide users towards the right information or towards the right interlocutor to respond to a precise question.

For example, the implementation of chatbots on EDF’s website (the leading electric utility company in France) enables them to significantly improve the qualification of contacts before they are taken care of by the customer service team.

To know more about chatbots and their impact on online customer experience, we invite you to get in touch with your contact at iAdvize.
Do you want to create your own bot? Your Customer Success Manager at iAdvize is available to support you.

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