Can chatbots be used in customer service for the qualification of conversations? EDF makes it happen!

2016 was an exponential year for chatbots, 2017 will be a year of maturity. Brands have progressively launched their first virtual agents but just a few of them have succeeded in providing their customers with useful and differentiating assistants. EDF rose to the challenge! The leading electric utility company in France and worldwide manages to combine bots with human assistance to become more efficient while making life easier for their customer service agents and offering a successful customer experience.

Sébastien Maxantthe Head of Multichannel Operations at EDF, has implemented chatbots to collect complaints from EDF’s customers and deal with their login issues. The objective is to collect the information enabling EDF to know when customers are in these situations.
Watch EDF’s success story in the following video!

Chatbots & EDF: chatbots generate 3,000 conversations each month

Before the implementation of chatbots, customer service agents collected the identification information by themselves and to do so, they needed three pieces of information: the customers’ name, their post code and customer reference. It was a repetitive task with low added value. EDF had also tested the implementation of a satisfaction survey before a chat conversation to pre-qualify conversations.

Now when customers land on EDF’s complaints and login pages, they are put in contact with a bot designed to make customers’ life easier with a simplified and direct service. The conversational format and the automation of questions turn out to be both efficient and fun for customers.

Before implementing our chatbot, we only collected the three pieces of information we require to identify our customers in only 19% of cases. Since we’ve implemented chatbots, we collect this information in 95% of cases.

With this implementation, 60 customer service agents can focus on handling customers’ issues. According to Sébastien Maxant, chatbots will never replace human expertise and the core business knowledge. But they are useful for very basic questions and to help brands pre-qualify a contact or an issue. That’s the real added value of chatbots.

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With iAdvize, after a chatbot collects customer data, EDF’s customers are escalated to agents who focus on more complex issues which require their expertise.

This combination of bots with human agents designed by iAdvize is offered in addition to Laura, the virtual assistant developed by the editor DoYouDreamUp, which intervenes on assistance issues.

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