[Boarding the iAdvize Ship] Meet Charlotte, Key Account Manager in Spain

Charlotte joined the iAdvize team in Spain in October 2017 as Key Account Manager. Her on-boarding journey led her to London, Nantes and finally, Madrid. She’s agreed to share her experience with us and tell us about the interview process, her arrival at the company and the different steps in this integration itinerary! It’s the first of a series so get ready for more ;-)

So who is Charlotte? Where do you come from and how did you end up more Spanish than French? Well nearly ;-)

I’m Charlotte, 26 years old and French but I have been living in Spain for more than 4 years now. Before that, I lived in Reims and Dublin for my double degree in international business, then Singapore to sell French wine in Asia after which I moved to Barcelona just after I graduated, for a new chapter. This is where I started to learn Spanish, even though it was a little challenging as they speak Catalan there. I finally settled in Madrid where I did my master in digital marketing at the ESCP Madrid campus. Half of the courses were in English, the other half in Spanish. It was an amazing experience which gave me the opportunity to work for a Spanish start up, OPINATOR (interactive marketing and feedback management platform) for 2 years and a half before starting this new adventure at iAdvize. The digital transformation of the Spanish market and the challenges that come with it are really exciting and I have to say the quality of life is just excellent here!

How did you hear about iAdvize in the first place and why did you decide to apply?

“El boca a boca” as we would say here! Actually, a friend of mine working at iAdvize recommended the company and this position. As we were both selling a marketing platform on the Spanish market we had a lot to share. I was very interested to actually contributed to helping companies add a human touch to online customer service, which is what iAdvize does!

What were the main steps in the interview process? Who did you speak with and how did they convince you jump aboard?

The interview process was really well structured and quite fast. I had a first skype interview in English with Brice, HR manager. He then organized that same week a skype interview in Spanish with my future manager Johan, and then a last skype interview with Sebastien, VP of Sales in French. The week after I met the Spanish team in the Madrid offices. And finally, I flew to Nantes to present a 30/60/90 days sales plan. I had a first HR meeting with Brice and also Sophie, the DRH, very focused on the values of the company and the personality fit and then the last interview session with Sebastien and Johan in the “black room” (which is quite impressive as you are in the middle of the open space) doing the first selling process, selling myself for this job opportunity! I really appreciated this conversation so that both sides could make sure it was a perfect match.

When did “on-boarding” start and how?

My on-boarding started end of October, with a few other newbies like me from different departments. When I arrived, my manager came to welcome me and introduced me to my “godmother”, Tamara! She first gave me a tour of the offices and introduced me to all the different teams. She also organized a welcome lunch with my manager and other colleagues. I had a really warm welcome from all the “genius” team!

Charlotte “joining the conversation” with Beatriz, Marketing Manager for Spain, in Chamonix during our 2018 kick-off seminar!

Maybe you can describe your first few weeks at iAdvize and the key aspects of the on-boarding process? Lots of presentations! But also?

The first 10 days were really focused on the Sales process ( the sales speech, prospection tips, role play, etc.). Before I left Nantes we had the “60 minutes of the Boss” and during this session all the newbies introduce themselves. Then the second week, I was off to London to meet the “Spartans” and Marketing team! I was really lucky to attend this special workshop with all the international Marketing and Sales team. Finally, I came back to Madrid to finish the official on-boarding with presentations from the different teams (Legal, HR, R&D, product training, etc.) I attended these via skype. To conclude this intense month, all the Spanish team gathered in Madrid for the “iAdvize Talks&Views”, an event for clients and prospects. During the whole process I had the full support from manager to make sure I understood well my objectives, the different processes and tools, and of course to have everything I needed. Since the official on-boarding ended, I feel like I am still learning everyday and I get lots of support from everyone :)

Are there any welcoming traditions in Madrid yet?

Not officially, but we should think of something! I had a kind welcome from my colleagues and we went to have a “pincho de tortilla” in our official bar around the corner

Any tips for improving the whole process?

Nothing I could think of… Maybe as I am working on the Spanish market it might have been easier for me to get the Sales training in Spanish so as to integrate the sales pitch, the wording faster but I have to stay I got a lot of support from everyone and was really happy with the whole process!

What part of it all did you most appreciate?

I enjoyed it all to be honest! At each stage I had the chance to meet new people, in new environments (Nantes, London, Madrid), and better understand how the genius team collaborate all together and what my mission here as new genius would be. Thanks to the “Newbies meet oldbies” sessions, you also get the chance to meet people that you may not have met otherwise! I actually really loved the idea :)

Thank you Charlotte! 

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