– the 1st luxury automaker in France to provide real-time online customer service

BMW now offers visitors to its website the possibility to get real-time advice from an expert thanks to Click to Call – web callback (for all BMW et BMW i models) and Click to Chat – live chat (for BMW i models).

BMW.FR chooses the iAdvize solution and becomes the number 1 luxury automobile manufacturing company in France to implement Click to Call and Click to Chat.

Most future car owners prepare their purchase online. BMW has taken this trend into account and now offers visitors to the website a new customer service channel: ” Providing this new channel is part of our general approach to innovation, in concessions but also online so that we give our customers and prospects the best possible advice “ says Pierre Jalady, Marketing Director at BMW France. For all the BMW and BMW i models, the website offers a web callback service with iAdvize’s Click to Call  (Find out more about Click to Call). For the BMW i models, the Click to Chat service means that visitors can chat in real-time with a BMW i expert, get the advice they are looking for about electric cars and receive real-time support with their browsing or the configuration of the BMW i3 and BMW i8 models.


Implementation of behavioural targeting on BMW.FR to engage with visitors and give them a choice in channels

The technology is based on a dynamic analysis of the internet user’s browsing on the website. Depending on this, the visitor receives a proactive invite and can choose to chat, request a free callback or a try-out. By choosing iAdvize, French leader in this market, BMW is equipping itself with a smart and premium solution, just like its cars. The brand has adopted an innovative and pro-active approach with its online visitors and is now the first luxury automotive manufacturer in France to invest in real-time online customer service. BMW is also very happy about working on its digital strategy with an exciting French startup like iAdvize.

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