Black Friday: feedback on the performance of the Top 20 eCommerce websites using ibbü

Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the start of the much-awaited holiday shopping season.
It was your time to ensure you had an effective conversational marketing strategy. 

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We have analysed the performance of the Top 20 eCommerce websites which entrust part of their whole pre-sales customer service to ibbü experts. (Paid experts used to answer customer queries during peak times)

Below are the main lessons learned from Black Friday.

Business performance: Black Friday accounts for a quarter of the turnover generated during Cyber Week

Black Friday represents 20% of all the contacts handled by ibbü Experts generated via iAdvize during the Cyber Week. 22.8% of people who received advice from an ibbü expert finalised their purchase with an average order value of 335 euros.

Because Black Friday is an exclusive and time-limited operation, it suggests an increased need in immediate advice. The consumers’ objective is to get the best deals as figures show: click-through rates rise by 17% compared to the annual average observed. On average, visitors have finalised their order 8 hours after interacting with brands during Black Friday. In the fashion industry, transactions have even been completed in less than an hour after a conversation with a brand. Saturday experienced the most important rise in the average transactions finalised in less than 6 hours after a chat conversation.

26% of the turnover generated via messaging during Cyber Week came from contacts handled on Black Friday. Saturday November 25, was the second most important day in relation to turnover.

Evolution of the turnover generated by ibbü experts during Cyber Week


Quality of services: midnight availability

182 ibbü experts were available to answer pre-sales questions on the Top 20 eCommerce websites using this service during Black Friday. 41 of these ibbü experts were logged in to the ibbü platform at midnight. Their presence has enabled 20% of these websites to offer continuous advice all day.

Distribution of businesses according to the availability of the messaging channel through Black Friday in hours


The presence of experts coincides with engagement peaks: the first took place at midnight, the second between 11am and 2pm and then in  the early evening at 6pm. This alignment enables businesses to provide a great quality of service and differentiate themselves from their competitors that are not available during these strategic time slots.


Number of ibbü experts logged in per hour during Black Friday

Engagement peak per hour during Black Friday


On average, a conversation between a visitor and an ibbü expert has lasted 9 minutes and 4 seconds. 90% of visitors which have been supported say they are satisfied or very satisfied after a chat conversation.


Freelancers vs internal customer service teams: the business organisation to remain agile during Black Friday

The Black Friday activity peak requires you to size your customer service teams in order to face the massive influx of traffic and not miss out on any opportunities. Among the businesses analysed, half have chosen to use both professional agents and freelancers combined.

50% of businesses have entrusted all their contacts to ibbü experts. 45% of them make their internal teams, available during classical business hours, collaborate with expert freelancers from the ibbü community. One of these businesses has chosen to mobilise its internal customer service agents solely on after-sales queries, asking expert freelancers, enthusiastic about its products to focus on the prospective phase. Another business combines the ibbü community with customer service agents from outsourced contact centres.

Here’s a comparative of the performance achieved by the different interlocutors solicited by businesses during Black Friday. We have selected 6 indicators: the conversion rate after a conversation via messaging, the average order value after a conversation via messaging, the average handling time of a conversation, the average turnover generated by contact, the number of contacts handled by agents, the satisfaction rate.



Sample for this analysis

Black Friday took place on November, 24 2017 and the analysis covers contacts handled by ibbü experts for 20 different eCommerce websites from the following industries: fashion, decoration, high tech, sports goods, DIY and automotive parts.

Cyber Week took place from November, 20 2017 to November, 27 2017.

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