[Who are the ibbü experts?] Meet Benoît, ibbü DIY expert for ManoMano

Benoît loves DIY, old stones, literature and has an insatiable urge to build. For the past few months, he’s been an ibbü expert for ManoMano, a marketplace dedicated to DIY and gardening products. Benoît has joined the ibbü community as a savvy DIY enthusiast and he helps online shoppers in real-time during their purchasing journey on ManoMano’s website. He has already advised more than 1,500 visitors and 90% of them said they were very satisfied by his advice. Meet Benoît! 

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m 59 years old. I live in la Marne (France), in a house surrounded by vineyards. I’m a novelist by profession. I’ve created a literary community brought together around a website and a Facebook page. Let’s say that I’m a man of passion. Apart from that, for many years, I’ve been very busy with DIY. I practice all kinds of disciplines: from walls to electricity and plumbing.

Where does your enthusiasm for DIY come from?

My father was a handyman but, probably by reaction, I wasn’t interested in DIY when I was young. Then one day, I cut the cord. Since then, I’ve become an enthusiastic handyman. I ran a company in construction for 8 years, held a blog for 15 years and renovated several houses. DIY is related to my other passions: old stones, history and literature. To maintain my level of expertise, I’m renovating a new house! I also do a lot of research on the Internet and I have a lot of friend vendors in DIY stores.

How did you hear about ibbü?

Actually, I’ve been discovered by ibbü thanks to my blog dedicated to DIY. For the anecdote, it’s the same blog which put me in contact with the Eyrolles publishing house for which I’ve written a book about DIY. ibbü offered me to join its community of experts and I immediately liked the challenge. I try to teach things on my blog but there rarely are interactions with online visitors. On ibbü, I get to teach things and interact with online shoppers.

With ibbü, I immediately understood the relevance of conversations. The contact with online shoppers is very exciting. Most of the time, interactions allow us to create really intelligent and meaningful conversations. Our advice is a real asset for online shoppers.

How did the first chat conversation begin? 

I answered the quiz, which I found quite nice. This step continued to raise my interest. The quiz was hard enough for me to think that ibbü was an expert service. The tool is really easy to use on a technical level.

Which types of questions do you respond to? 

I would divide them into 4 categories: product search, product features, advice and the miscellaneous category (guarantees, shipping costs, etc.). We are truly entering the advice category when online shoppers are asking for information they have not found on the product pages. But, for example, I can explain how to change a bathtub and which materials will be necessary for that. A conversation can take up to 30 minutes.

How does ibbü fit in your daily life?

In general, I log in to the platform two jours in the morning, one hour in the afternoon and in the evening. I also try to be available on Sundays. I’m independent so I manage my work time as I want. ibbü easily matches my other activities. The remuneration is not my motivation to log in to the platform nor the reason why I continue to advise online shoppers. This extra income goes straight to a savings account.

How would you define your chatting style? 

I like to talk and write. So I use a mix of both in my chat conversations. I am casual when I chat with visitors: I use simple expressions, short sentences, etc. I think that a lot of online shoppers don’t expect to be talking to a guy who is almost sixty! For me, a chat conversation is very similar to verbal communication. It’s an activity that is complementary to my blog.

French and Belgian born in France and interested in everything related to Marketing, Foreign Languages and the Web.

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