[Conversation] Artificial intelligence and chatbots: buzzword or revolution?

Chatbots and artificial intelligence have been at the heart of customer experience these past 18 months. Are we experiencing a conversational revolution? Why should we take interest in this subject? The first conversation of iAdvize’s Conversation event was designed to assess the myths and facts behind bots and artificial intelligence with four speakers: Marjolaine Grondin from Hellojam, Alexandre Croiseaux from Facebook, Stefan Knerr from CogniTalk and Julien Nicolas from Voyages-sncf.com

Chatbots and artificial intelligence, where do we stand?

“From a technical point of view, there certainly has been progress in terms of machine learning. But I think that there is, first and foremost, authenticity transmitted through a conversation. We are social beings who need interaction. Communication is both a need and something we like to do. It’s something that defines us. Bringing back this conversation to online commerce and to this mixed world, that is both digital and analog, is a very natural evolution.” Stefan Knerr

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“We’ve worked very hard on Jam’s personality. Today we are designing Jam via text. All the visual identity passes by text and conversations. For example, we want Jam to be benevolent but not ingenuous or too good natured. If users insult Jam, the bot will react and then, if users go too far, Jam will block them for a period of two hours. This behaviour generates frustration for users and create a strong human engagement, incomparable to the engagement created with a search bar.” Marjolaine Grondin

“Our natural means of communication are conversations. That’s why messaging applications experience such a strong success. The best performing technology knows how to be transparent and make itself forgotten. The challenge is how we can talk to businesses. When we opened the Messenger platform, we wanted to preserve this unique way of communicating and help businesses use it.” Alexandre Croiseaux

Bots and performance?

“We notice a real interest coming from our customers for Messenger and reservation confirmations. More than 100,000 of them have been sent. It’s too soon to talk about profitability with bots, which are used by 17,000 customers since the launch, but for us, it’s important that our teams work on the subject. It’s an investment we have to make today.” Julien Nicolas

Is the conversation a new interface?

“I’m convinced that conversations can be seen as a new interface, to such an extent that I don’t think that knowing who will win between the app or the bot is really relevant. There’s going to be a total hybridisation. Soon, we won’t use apps that don’t have a conversational experience. Apps are becoming ‘botified’ and bots are getting amplified. Conversations are going to win.”Marjolaine Grondin

Chatbots and artificial intelligence: buzzword or révolution? Our speakers and 77% of people who attended the event have an unanimous answer: we are at the early stages of a revolution!

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