ibbü experts guide 17,000 visitors in their purchases each month on Cdiscount

Each month, savvy enthusiasts from the ibbü community guide 17,000 visitors in their purchases of high-tech products, video games, decoration items and childcare articles. For the last six months, some sixty savvy enthusiasts have been responding to online shoppers’ questions and have supported Cdiscount’s customer service team.

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When they browse Cdiscount’s website, online shoppers can now ask their questions in real-time to independent experts via a chat window and be guided in their purchase decisions. Thanks to this initiative, visitors benefit from a unique and personalised experience with authentic, instantaneous and 24/7 support.

These savvy enthusiasts, IT, video games and childcare experts have been selected by ibbü based on professionalism and expertise criteria via a cutting-edge questionnaire about their field of expertise. This first step was necessary for us to evaluate their level of expertise and test their ability to respond to online shoppers and guide them in their purchase decisions.

+ 6 points increase in the quality of responses perceived by customers with the ibbü service

Since ibbü’s integration with Cdiscount’s website, on average, 17,000 conversations have been handled each month by ibbü experts. The first results observed by Cdiscount show that online shoppers really like this new authentic service. Chat conversations with an ibbü experts reach an average 85% customer satisfaction rate and a 6 point increase in the quality of responses perceived.

The ibbü service is now fully integrated with Cdisount’s website and provides our customer service team with real support. It helps us ensure there are always customer service agents available when our customers need help. These agents are here to advise online shoppers at all times and, above all, give them authentic advice.” explains Isabelle Eloir. 

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